The First Rule Of Blogging Is…

Do you want a successful blog? Do you dream of giving up your day job to blog full time? Or are you someone who enjoys reading lots of blogs? Shall I let you into a secret, perhaps not the best kept secret in the blogosphere, but it is a secret that anyone interested in blogs should know…

The First Rule of Blogging is…Consistency


Yep, it is consistency, it ain’t sexy and it can be jolly (that is the polite version) hard work but a regular posting schedule is the cat’s pyjamas (why is the cat wearing pyjamas anyway?) as far as successful blogs are concerned. It doesn’t have to be a post a day (Yikes!) or even a post a week but it does need to be a good quality post at regular times each week or month.

What you don’t need is one of these…

or one of these…

distracting you from your blog. You also definitely don’t want to be doing this…

(putting up furniture) instead of blogging, well unless your blog is about putting up furniture that is. 

Mmm perhaps I should change my blog to Cats and Furniture? That might solve my blogging issues at the moment. 

How about ‘Cats In Pyjamas Putting Up Shelves’? That would be a catchy blog title if it hasn’t gone already…


Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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  1. Traceyr

    Same here Kim I got two cats in June and my blog has suffered terribly. Thanks I'll take your advice and try hard with my blog. 🙂

    1. Kim Dellow

      Kitties are such a distraction aren't they? I'm spending most my time feeding and cleaning litter boxes at the moment 🙂

  2. misteejay

    Hey you have just moved so don't be too hard on yourself. The kitties are adorable and if you are in DIY mode, I have some flat-pack stuff that you can come and put together LOL

    Toni xx

    1. Kim Dellow

      Hey Toni, I'm hiring my Flat-pack putting up abilities by the hour…LOL! Trying to train the cats to do it, it isn't going so well, their little paws haven't quite managed to hold the drill straight yet and they seem more interested in batting the fixtures around the room than hammering them!

  3. Lucy Edmondson

    Very funny! How about cats with opposable thumbs, wearing pyjamas, pouring their own milk, and making flat pack furniture!

    Lucy x

    1. Kim Dellow

      Sounds great to me! If we could also get them to empty their own litter boxes and make me cups of tea that would be perfect 🙂

  4. Elaine Hughes

    I've been a terrible blogger for the past year, so I feel your pain! Hope the flat pack assembly is almost done. 😉

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