9 thoughts on “Art Journaling Thursday – What Do You Journal In?”

  1. I've been known to spend more time standing in front of my notebook shelves trying to decide which one to journal in – than I do actually creating in them!!

    I too will art journal / write in any kind of book. I art journal in regular notebooks and handmade paper books rather than 'special' art journals. And I love the freedom and eclectic nature of junk journal [that's why I started selling kits for them too!]. And I'm planning to make more handmade books / minibooks from scratch … whenever I get myself organised!

    So … erm … in short … no, you're definitely not alone!

  2. I have a drawer full of pretty notepads with ideas for stories in. There is something so lovely about a fresh journal with all it's potential for inspiration.

  3. As I would consider myself fairly new to art journalling I found that for a start an art journal (like the one from finnabair that I use) that allows de- and re-assembling is best for me. I also found that I love it when the pages have different texture, patterns, colours and thickness – it often is the paper itself that inspires a page.

    I am a notebook hoarder too…lol. I call them my portable brains as I use a lot of them to keep track of ideas, plans, schedules and other stuff.

    I have some sketchbooks too..but still haven't used them. But as I grow into art journalling and mixed media I also get less intimidated by a new, clean sketchbook. Tearing, collageing, glueing pages together… the possibilities are almost endless, aren't they?

    To show the finnabair journal I use I add this link: http://vonpappe2.blogspot.co.at/2014/05/lets-get-scrappy-again-our-creative.html

    Thanks for the wonderful post. I enjoyed reading it a lot!

    Claudia x

  4. At one time my family called me Mrs Goggins (as in the postmistress in Postman Pat) for my dedication to the art of collecting stationery. A store filled with notebook possibilities is far better than a chocolate shop for me. Although the latter makes the day go by too.

    My journals are, so far, all bought – many of them are lined 'conventional' books but they must be pretty and/or carrying owls in their design.

    I write, I doodle, I list and I dream in journals. I have yet to be a regular artist in them – that's regular as in frequent not size.

    Lovely thoughtful post, Kim. As always.

  5. oh gosh Kim, I love all books for journalling, my favourite at the moment are Daley and Rowney as they take a lot of Gesso etc without soaking through, then I just looked behind me and found I have 12 journals on the go not to mention sketchbooks……..methinks I am a tiny bit addicted……..lol Annette x

  6. DITTO! I am always looking for new journals! My favorite so far has been my Moleskin journal. I have tried the Terraskin journals, but the paper(that is not made from trees) has a bit of an odour and a funny texture. I also use the SNAP journals. I get them at local art stores, online (Simon Says Stamp) etc.

  7. My name is Toni and I'm a journal hoarder too (see Kim, you are not alone).

    I love pretty stationery and find it very difficult to resist – even after promising myself I would not buy any more until I've used what I've got, I went and bought some lovely journals from Wilko's yesterday after seeing them on someone's blog. Oh dear!

    Toni xx

  8. I'm not much of a 'free-styler' so art journalling isn't really for me, but boy do I love a mini-book!

    I feel more 'free' to experiment when I'm scrapbooking on a small scale – and I will almost always make my own books rather than buy one ready made.

    Would love to have a little look through your collection. So nosey, you see? x

  9. Hi Kim!
    Great post 🙂

    I love journalling. For me it's a combination of art, doodles, notes. I try to make them themed, but very soon get bored 🙂 I do have a lot of ready notebooks for art journal. My favorite would be the Hand Book journal TM, Watercolour Grand Portrait. It's a bit expensive in UK, but much cheaper in States. Great size and good quality paper. Ironically, my best pages happen to be in self-made crappy journals made of all kind of rubbish 🙂 Hugs, kissinia

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