9 thoughts on “Art Journal Sharing Thursday – Marrakech Sketching”

  1. Fabulous selfie, you both look so relaxed…

    Late congrats on winning such a lovely prize, i love photographs and know i wouldn't be bored by them. The ones that you have shared are fab. I would love a Moroccan feel to my garden, i love their tiles and water features, so calming…

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend:-) xxx

  2. WOW Kim, fabulous just like the pics and you and hubbie. Thanks for sharing and so sorry I've been such a bad "visitor", missed a lot!!!

    xx Irne

  3. Looks like you had a great time away and saw some fantastic things. It will be nice to see how all the material you've crafted make it into your decorated book when you get it back.

  4. Well, Kim, if you are going to journal, you may as well have a journey to use!

    What a weekend that must have been. Lovely to see so many bright colours and scenes.

    Best of all, good to see you both having such a sunny time together. Your face says: this is me and my man! I think.

  5. How super. You now have all these wonderful photos to put in that lovely journal when it is returned. What a lovely keepsake that is going to be with the photos & your sketches.
    Congratulations on your well deserved win.

    Toni xx

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