7 thoughts on “Art Journal Sharing Thursday”

  1. This is great Kim. I'm finding art journaling very therapeutic at the moment, too. We're also having house/home related stresses. Hope you guys can find somewhere very soon, without too much more hassle and stress.


  2. How lovely to see other commentators who art journal too.

    How you could stay sane house-buying in the capital, heaven knows, Kim. I thoroughly 'get' how the therapy of art works in this situation. Take care of yourself.

    House Buying Stuff
    Did you see this week's Location x3? It featured two couples in London with a 350K and a 600K budget, respectively. I could not see a huge difference between the flats shown to them. I got completely muddled at one point.
    So it seems choosing your district is key. Plus nerves of steel and quick action. If you buy with a room to let, please tell me! Son #2 works in London!

  3. The gel resist is very cool amidst those lovely colours – and great to take out those housing horrors on a journalling page. Wishing you lots of luck with the next steps in your moving on…
    Alison x

  4. So sorry to hear about your troubles in house hunting. It can be nerve wrecking anywhere in the world but in London? I can only imagine… phew! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you to find a lovely home! 🙂
    I do love your journal page, the gel medium as resist looks nice. I haven't had a chance to do any art journaling lately but next time I do, I think I'll give that a try myself.

  5. Kim, I also seem to have a problem with everything has to be perfect and tried art journaling but I think I rather suck at it so stopped. I loved the techniques you showed and found your post such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing not only your journaling but your thoughts. I might just give it another shot.

    🙂 Chris / CS Designs

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