Crackle, Crackle, Toil And More Crackle

Who has got the latest Craft Stamper?

And who likes Crackle?

ME! ME! ME! I hear you all cry!

Well that is lucky! The December issue of Craft Stamper has a compare and contrast crackle pastes, gels, and techniques masterclass from me ‘coz I am a complete crackle-head!

So if you are a crackle-head too then check it out and start crackling!

It’s got some old favourites such as the PVA Crackle technique and some new like the Kroma Crackle medium as well as the yummy cupcakes from Alice Palace Crafty Individuals collection and some frames made from cereal boxes and the Silhouette Cameo

Crackle on Artinators.


4 thoughts on “Crackle, Crackle, Toil And More Crackle”

  1. Kim,
    I am finding your guide so useful, having just bought some Kroma crackle at a show I was given 4 pages of instructions but they didn't ask me if I had the Slap it On to paint on top, and it told me in the instructions I needed it so I haven't used the stuff yet! Now I have read your guide I am wondering if I need that brand of medium or will any other medium work as well?

    Carol x

  2. Hi Lucretia,

    thanks for your question. Try giving the Rock Candy a good stir with the brush then paint it on some card in a range of different thickness. Let it dry and see which thickness crackles best for you.
    Please email me (kim(dot)dellow(at)gmail(dot)com) if you have further questions.
    Good luck

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