Just Spotted On…

I’ve just spotted that a project I made a few years back has made it onto the Craft Stamper/ Inspired To Make website.

If you have got the Sept 2011 issue of Craft Stamper you might recognise it. It is a notebook that has a big sentimental value for me for lots of reasons so I hope you enjoy this project revisit. You can see the step by steps over on the new Inspired To Make website

Some circuit board tips for you: before you go breaking up circuit boards avoid things older than 2006, don’t forget to wear protective gear and stay away from large capacitors and flash units because they can hold their charge for a long time after disconnection from the power source and may still be able to give you an electric shock.

Ahhh I love recycling things!

Catch you later.


3 thoughts on “Just Spotted On…”

  1. Wow! How wonderful to see this project in terms of 'on trend' crafting today!

    Thanks for the encouragement, Kim. Much appreciated & valued. It's been a tough year but I am still here and that feels fantastic!

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