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Silhouette Cameo September Inspiration – All About The Chevrons Part 4

Welcome to the last part of my chevron-inspired series of September Silhouette Cameo tutorials.

I feel like I should have a jingle! Ok so I have no jingle but I do have plenty of chevrons!

Last week, in Part 3, I left you with some zigzags made from the chevrons in my first tutorial in the first week in September. So what did I do with them?

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Well first off I made some more of them. Using the tutorial in Part 3 I filled my 6 x 6 inch work space with zigzags then I used the Rectangle tool to draw around the zigzags.

Next I thought I would make a mask so I decided to cut the zigzags from a cereal box.

I used masking tape to make sure the cereal box wouldn’t move and set it to the Coverstock – Heavy – 285 gsm setting which gives you a speed of 1 and tells you to set the blade to 7.

Then I used the mask with some spray inks…

To make this card…

So that is is idea number one, the next use for my zigzags was to cut them from patterned papers.

This time I used the Patterned paper – medium weight 180 gsm setting and reset my blade to 3. I also cut several strips of paper next to each other to get different zigzags in different papers using just one run through the Silhouette Cameo.

And this gave me this card…

I then went back to the zigzag cereal box mask to use it with paints this time.

and a good excuse to use my new fluorescent paints and the chevron stamp I carved in part 2 of this series

to make this card…

Thanks for joining me in this month of Chevron inspiration with the Silhouette Cameo.

Hope you enjoyed it.


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