Silhouette Cameo September Inspiration – All About The Chevrons Part 3

Welcome to the third instalment to my chevron-inspired series of Silhouette Cameo tutorials.

Last week I used my Silhouette Studio designed chevrons to make my own carved stamps

This week I thought I would show you how to make some zig zag patterns from the chevron designs.

Cast your mind way, way back to week 1 and the first Chevron instalment

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You remember don’t you? This is my basic pattern that I’ve been using for all the Chevron projects and I showed you how to make it in the first week.

Using this pattern again, select all the chevrons and use the Align Bottom tool before duplicating them using the drop down menu in the Edit Tools or the ctrl-D shortcut. 

Move the duplicate chevrons so that they sit exactly over the original chevron pattern, then use the Flip Vertically tool in the Transform menu in the Object drop down menu.

Tip: Don’t forget to do the Align step before duplicating the chevrons.

Now move the duplicate chevrons down until the tops of the duplicate chevrons are lined up perfectly with the bottom of the original chevrons. 

Select all the chevrons and use the Weld Tool…

to get some not-so-instant Zig Zags! Yay! Wahoo! We have Zig Zags!

Tip: If the selected shapes don’t merge try deselecting then, select only the duplicate chevrons and move them up very slightly, then reselect all the chevrons and try to weld again. Keep repeating this process until the shapes are near enough to weld together.

Just imagine what would happen if you repeat the process now…

Is that more Zig Zags?

Catch you next week for the last Chevron instalment for the Silhouette Cameo, and to see what I did with these Zig Zags!


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