An Obsession Shared Is An Obsession Halved Right?

I’m going through a bit of a pen obsession at the moment. Ahh there is nothing like a good healthy pen obsession don’t you think? I’m on the look out for some coloured ink ballpoint pens.

I’ve spotted some likely candidates out and about.

Oooo pretty colours…

I also spotted, and naughtily acquired, some half price Amy Tangerine Slick writers in some yum colours – thanks TKMaxx! But I still NEED some coloured ballpoints of course.

I don’t know why but I’m on a really bright coloured pen thing at the moment, Orange and lime with a bit of bright pink thrown in for good measure just seems to be ringing my bell. I love the fact that the Amy Tangerine pens work on glossy surfaces but the green wasn’t lime, unfortunately, still they are going to be perfect for some journalling I have planned.

Meanwhile in my hunt for coloured ink ballpoints I reached for my Staedler Triplus Fineliner pens. Again not ball points but these are fabulous pens.

These pens are great because they are lovely to write and sketch with, the colours are yum and they don’t show through your sketchbook papers – which the Amy Tangerines ones do by the way. Also for a coloured pen they are really reasonably priced. I think I got mine from CASS Art years ago in a sale – which makes them extra special!

So why am I going pen crazy? Well, apart from a bit of a sketching obsession, I’m also going through a lettering obsession at the moment:

My pictures today were all taken with a Canon IXUS220 HS, if you read my last blog post (it was a week ago – yikes!) you will know that I’m also going through a camera obsession. I thought I would trying using my mobile phone and digital cameras on my blog more to compare with my dSLR. Thanks for all your comments about the cameras you use. It is fascinating to see what we all use.

Well, I’ve updated you on my latest obsessions, would love to hear if you have any pen obsessions going on at the moment, or any obsessions at all for that matter!

Happy obsessing!


Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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  1. Gabrielle

    Mmm… Pens!!! I love pens! I'm privately hoarding some delish Sharpies which are luscious colours but sadly aren't ball points!

  2. Sarah Hurley

    I know exactly what you mean, I have an unhealthy amount of pens! Now how about some more pretty journals to sketch and doodle in? ;o)

    Sarah x

  3. Jennifer Kirk

    Lol – Kim, such a joy to read such this post really made me smile, my current obsession is spellbinders dies, but saying that I must start using them soon. I just keep looking at them – I know very sad lol…

  4. She King

    Hi Kim. I love Pens 🙂 almost as much as I love rubber stamps!!! Almost, but not quite….I have the Staedler Triplus pens and love them…My other obsession, is paper, even though I have paper mountains I still need more!! Non crafty, love Hats 🙂 can't leave home without one! Love your lettering, I have a note book that I practice my letters in…Love S xx

  5. Sally Bownes

    A crafter can never have enough pens, lol.
    Tkmax do have some hidden treasures x

    Your lettering will look fantastic with the added bright colours.

    hugs sally x

  6. roc

    the brighter the better in my opinion. i love pens, too and have a ton of them. i love trying new ones that catch my eye when i'm out and about. i will have to look for those bic pens. they look cool!

  7. misteejay

    Hi Kim, greetings from a fellow pen addict LOL

    I got some pretty ball points from WHS – the pens themselves were lime, mauve, aqua or pink and it turned out the ink matched the case colours – fab.

    My next purchase has got to be the 12 limited edition colour Distress markers and the Promarker Autumn/Winter set.

    Toni xx

  8. Von

    Coloured pens sure make for more interesting doodling's 🙂
    Von ♥

  9. Gez Butterworth

    Yep! The brighter the better Kim! 😉 My fav atm is my white sharpie it writes on everything!!

  10. Traceyr

    I'm obsessed with my black gel pen I use at school its by Sarasa but lettering and doodling are such fun with it.

    I love your typography especially the g with the moustaches in. 🙂

  11. MRS DUCK

    Hi Kim
    I love pens. I have the Staedler set and its about 8 years old and still going strong.
    Didn't realise TK Maxx sold craft stuff. Must get myself down there!

  12. lucretia

    I love Steadler stuff as it never lets you down. Going to get their softcolour pencils next as I've had a couple of samples and they're the best pencils I've come across.

  13. lucretia

    The craft stuff is in the HomeSense store connected to TKMaxx.

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