Disappearing Week And A New Facebook Page

Hey lovely blogging folks, have you had a good week? 

I’m in a bit of a state of shock – it is Friday! How did that happen? At the beginning of the week I was actually thinking that I was going to have a quiet week, get a chance to get lots of things on my To-Do list done.

By Tuesday I was trying to motivate myself into some projects that have been trundling along not really getting anywhere. You know the type of project I’m sure, bet you have lots of them too! Like I really want to give my blog a bit of a refresh, maybe design a new header. 

I’ve also been meaning to do another video tutorial or two, I keep starting them then not finishing. I also need a massive clear-up of my workspace. It is such a mess I can’t reach my desk any more and it has been like that for weeks. I’m working on the couch at the moment!

That is only a small portion of my scissor collection by the way!

But then a last minute job came in and my plans all changed, I blinked and it was Friday. Seriously, how does that happen?

Well, I’m not blinking this weekend! Three days! Now that is my type of weekend!

Before I go start my long, hopefully sunny weekend, have you spotted the new Facebook page for Papercraft Essentials, Simply Cards & Papercraft, Complete Cardmaking, Get Stamping and Scrapbook magazine?

 Go link yourself up with a ‘Like’ to keep up-to-date with all the news.

So I’m off, sorry I have no project to show. 

Whatever you do this weekend I hope you have a lovely one.

Not blinking Kim

Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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  1. Kaz

    Make sure you get some You time!!
    P.s glad someone else has a scissor collection other than me lol x

  2. Traceyr

    Kim I hope you cross some things off your to do list and get to enjoy the long weekend.


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