Creative Expressions Metallic Gilding Wax

It’s review time! This week I’m taking a look at the Metallic Gilding Waxes from Creative Expressions.

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Gilding wax in tubs and on card

Now if you haven’t spotted this product yet but like that metallic sparkle on your projects, then this is definitely for you. They are pots of  a coloured wax that you wipe onto the project surface to give a metallic sheen. They are particularly perfect for picking out texture, so look great on dry embossed items but also look wonderful on all sorts of other surfaces too. Gilding waxes are often used by interior designers to shabby chic pieces of furniture to give it that luxurious patina look but us crafters love them too!

The Creative Expressions Metallic Gilding Waxes come in 10 yum colours and I’ve used the Golden Light, Cast Bronze and Patina for my examples here today.

The shine of gilding wax on paper

They really do give a high metallic sheen to a project. The wax is really easy to apply, you just need to take a small amount from the surface of the pot and wipe it across the surface of your project. 

The pot suggests that you apply it with a cloth onto your surface, but I also used my fingers, making sure that I wiped the majority of it off my fingers onto a cloth and then washed my hands thoroughly too. 

Once the wax has dried you can add an extra shine by buffing it with a clean cloth. It is one of those products where a little bit will go a long way and I am sure that the 10 ml pot will last a very long time.

Gilding wax on fabric, acetate and wood

I’ve tried it on a number of different surfaces and the photo above shows the wax on fabric, acetate and wood (left to right) and you can also apply it to metal and painted surfaces too. 

The wax is very soft and malleable and my tip would be not to take too much of the wax in one go.You do get a little bit of flaking when you try to take a large amount of wax at once, but all you have to do is work the flakes into the project or drop them back into the pot and take a smaller amount of wax.

Close up of embossed paper rubbed with gilding wax

Of course I had to try it on black card too and what a fabulous look that gives, so don’t forget to try them on your coloured card!

So the Creative Expressions Metallic Gilding Waxes look just as good covering large areas as they do adding small details and touches to a project. They add a really luxurious twist quickly and easily to your project.

Father's day tag

I’ve used the Golden Light Creative Expressions Metallic Gilding Wax on the corrugated card, edges and metallic brads in this Father’s Day tag.

The sentiment and car are the Vintage Car set from the Creative Expressions Single Stamps range.

close up of the Father's day tag

The flowers are the Heartfelt Mini Vintage Floret Pre Cut Set. I’ve also used the Creative Expressions Umount Texture Plate and some Cosmic Shimmer Misters.

If you want to see some more fabulous ideas for using your Creative Expressions Metallic Gilding Wax then check out this lovely project from Tracy Evan’s blog. But you also NEED to check out Suzanne Saltwell fabulous stamping with the Gilding Wax over on the Creative Expressions Blog.

I would love to hear what you think about these gliding waxes if you have them, or other waxes that you use.

If you are looking for more ways to get that gold look then try these posts:

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Thanks for popping in.


[Disclaimer: At the time of writing this review I was on the Creative Expressions Design Team and I was given this product to use and review but as with all my reviews, I do try to give you my honest unbiased thoughts.]

UPDATE: 2nd June 2014 Hi Guys, I thought I better put an update to this review, it seems that a number of people have been having a problem with this product being far from soft and easy to work with and their pots have been very hard. So much so that a few months after releasing the Gilding Wax Creative Expressions bought out a softening fluid that you could buy to soften hard wax. I’ve never had this problem with my pots so can’t really give much advice and all the advice I have is in the comments below. If you are still having problems then the best bet is to get in touch with Creative Expressions via email at or find them on their Facebook page. Hope that helps.

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This Post Has 26 Comments

  1. inkypinkycraft

    I love whatbyou have created and am loving the gilding wax, yummy colours and fab to use!! Trace x

  2. Rita

    Good Morning Kim. Like you I tried them on all different surfaces and the effect is really stunning. It just changes everything it touches. I use my finger too as I found it worked much better. Have a lovely day. TFS. Hugs Rita xx

  3. Fabulous review Kim, I had to have them all obviously lol. Love your project too, wonderful texture, dimension and design. Thanks so much for the shout out, much appreciated. Tracy x

  4. Christine D

    I love your little card, but I was a bit disappointed with some of the colours I got in wax, eg the amethyst does not come out purple (and I really wanted it to be) it is a patina blue and also with the dark bronze one similar blue patina. means if using dark card a lot of them come out the same colour – bit of a waste really.

  5. Ita

    Hi Kim very interesting post I have been thinking of getting some gilding wax,and after your review ,I have made up my mind,thank you,it was very informative

  6. Brenda Brown

    Love the tag Kim and great review of the waxes.
    Hugs {brenda} x0x

  7. Jennifer Kirk

    What a gorgeous project! I love the effects & the colours are to die for:-)

  8. Michelle Webb

    I love the 3 colours of the gilding wax you've chosen to review, lovely those, already on my shopping list! I love your little tag at the end too, that car stamp is one of my favs. Michelle x

  9. Redanne

    Hi Kim, this is a great review, I only have the Patina one at the moment but absolutely love it and I so want the pearly white one. I use my finger too as I seem to be able to control it better. Have other brands but find them much drier than the CE ones. Anne x

  10. Lucy Edmondson

    Great review, Kim. I have this in the Patina and have only used it on one project so far, the triptych a couple of weeks ago, but I loved it. I was told they are the same as Inka Gold (i.e. repackaged) but I haven't found them to be the same in use and I really like them and will definitely get more colours,

    Lucy x

  11. butterfly

    Ooh, yum – have requested a couple of these as belated birthday presents. Thanks so much for the inside story! Love the car tag card!
    Alison x

  12. Sophie

    Kim, das sieht so schön aus.
    Ein herrliches Tag.

  13. Traceyr

    Thanks for the info on these gilding waxes Kim but I'm not sure whether to give these a try as I was put off with Inka Gold when it went hard and mouldy.

    These do look tempting though.


  14. misteejay

    I have treated myself to some of these waxes – such lovely colours.

    I love how you have used the wax on that lovely card.

    Toni xx

  15. Craftyfield

    Love your review, I have been looking at these for a while but there isn't a lot of information about them. Are these waxes water or spirit based, do they contain acrylic etc… ?

  16. oh these look fabulous, I love your gorgeous project too fabulous colours and textures
    Lindsay xx

  17. jean

    hi Kim ive got some of the waxs just tried to see how it looked, loved it. will be sure to use it on a future project.I haven,t been crafting long and sometimes feel a bit overwelled but if its wrong ill try again or go to Youtube for demo and info,thanks for the info on your blog.

  18. Suzanne

    Wonderful ideas and uses of the gilding wax – I adore the stuff and the pots I have sit on top of my work desk as I use them all the while – patina and enchanted gold my favs , I have also used them on ribbon and they stay soft too – so uses – just love them – Thanks for sharing your ideas ~ Suzanne x

  19. Denise Fletcher

    Ive GOT to try these! Anything to create new effects!! Thanks for a great blog on them! too often you cant find any info about new products and how to use them. 🙂

  20. Chris

    I bought 6 pots a couple of months ago, for some reason they are very dry and hard, can I mix something with them to soften them up as they are unusable in their current state. Chris

  21. Kim Dellow

    Hiya Chris, sorry to hear that. I've not come across this problem myself. Have you tried scraping off the top layer with a piece of plastic or something similar. Maybe the top layer just needs removing? Kim

  22. SerenePolly

    Hi Kim

    I am having some difficulty using the wax. I am using my finger but find it very difficult to spread. I am using it on the soft gold card that Sue Wilson promotes and which I love but it's not working well. Any thoughts on what I am doing/not doing???

    Many thanks


  23. Kim Dellow

    Hi Christine,

    thanks for the question. Creative Expressions has got a new product that acts as a solvent with waxes and oils called the Solvent Blending Solution For Gilding Wax.
    Also have you tried scrapping the top layer of the wax off with the edge of an old credit card or a lollipop stick?
    Hope it works for you.

  24. Aquarius

    Great effects and I wish I could produce the same results. You say this wax is very soft and malleable – the pots I have are quite solid and hard which means it is virtually impossible to use. Could I use alcohol ink blending fluid to soften it or is there another way without buying yet another product?

    1. Kim Dellow

      Hi, thanks for your query. I'm not sure I can be of much help as I've never had this problem myself, I've been lucky and the pots that I've used have been fine. But I have been hearing that other people have had this problem with their pots. It is such a disappointment and I agree that you should not have to buy another product to use the one you already have.

      The advice I have been giving people is to try scrapping off the top of the wax with a lollipop stick or something else hard. I don't know if the alcohol blending solution would work.

      Perhaps the best thing you can do is talk to Creative Expressions who manufacture and distribute the product, they would be your best port of call for any queries or complaints. You can contact them on, you can also find them on Facebook

      Sorry that I can not be of more help and I hope that they are able to get an answer to your query.

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