A Little Bit Of WOW! Embossing Powder Melt-It! And A Giveaway!

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I have a bit of fun to share with you today and a Giveaway too in the form of the WOW! Embossing Powder’s Melt-It!

I was curious to have a go with this new product, I think that it has been around since Autumn last year but it was recently launched at the CHA in Jan and you can find a couple of YouTube videos about the product, one from Marion Emberson of Sugar and Spice and the other on the WOW! Embossing Powder website.

So what is it?

It is an embossing powder extender to use with your moulds, shapes cutters, memory frames etc for making 3D items and embellishments for your papercraft, jewellery, altering, mixed media etc projects.

It is a super fine embossing powder, similar to the texture of icing sugar, and it comes in 160ml Jars priced at around £7.75 (at the time of writing this post). It is a white powder but melts to a clear, slightly off-white colour and you add some of your other colour embossing powders to colour it.

You can melt it in a Ranger melting pot, with your heat tool under a pie dish or in the oven (which I’ve not tried but is one of the methods they show in the website video mentioned above). My preferred method, if I have the room, is to melt it in my Ranger melting pot in a pie dish then use a heat tool from above to keep it fluid as I pour it – I like to mix my options!

You don’t need to add that much of the coloured embossing powder to change the colour of the Melt-It and that is where the extender part of the product comes in. It means that you aren’t using up too much of the coloured powder which is more expensive gram for gram. But you will be using up the Melt-It! and that is why you need the large pot and I worked with around two small teaspoons of Melt-it! with 1/2 – 1 small teaspoon of coloured powder to make approximately two or three 2 cm diameter buttons.

Also you might find differences in the colour you see in the pot of your coloured embossing powder to what you get when you have melted it in the dish but this is because some of the opaque WOW! Embossing Powders are based on a white embossing powder so they actually melt to a lighter tone when melted in this way – it is nothing to do with the Melt-It!

So if you have used the Ranger UTEEs in your moulds and 3D projects making then you are going to take to the Melt-It! immediately, but even if you haven’t used your embossing powders to make 3D items before then have a go, it is a lot easier to do then you might think.

Now, I haven’t yet tried to stamp into this product but I believe it has been specifically designed to use with the coloured embossing powders in moulds and shape cutters etc rather than for using in stamping and triple embossing techniques. WOW! do have thicker powders for using with those types of techinques. But I will have a go at stamping into it at some point I’m sure, do let me know if you have stamped into it and what results you have had, I would love to know.

Now one little word of warning, melted embossing powders do harden quite brittle when fully cooled and Melt-It! is no different so if you are making larger 3D objects just be aware that if you put any pressure on them they may snap. But for the smaller items you probably won’t even notice and you can always try adding the Ranger Flex product. I was going to give this a go but I could not find my pot of Flex anywhere *sigh* so will have to report back on that one too!


WOW! Embossing Powder Melt-It! is great if you want to make your coloured embossing powders go further when you are making 3D embossing powder items in silicone moulds, shape cutters, frames. It is a bit addictive and once you get started you will be pouring it onto or into whatever you can find!


The important bit! So BIG thank you to WOW! Embossing Powder for donating a jar of Melt-It! for one of my blog readers to have a go with for themselves.

Please do go show them some love over at their Facebook Page or on Twitter or on their blog but before you go remember to add your name and link in the InLinkz widget below to be in with a chance to win and I will pick someone randomly on 28th March 2013. Don’t forget to tell your friends as well!

Good Luck!


[Disclaimer time: I’m not affiliated with any of the companies or products mentioned in this blog post. I did get a free pot of WOW! Melt-It! Embossing Powder to try out for myself and for one of you guys to win but still, as with all my reviews, I try to give you my honest unbiased thoughts.]


Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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  1. Redanne

    Hi Kim, thank you for the hints and tips on this great product. As someone who uses lots of coloured EP this looks like a very useful product indeed. Thank you too for the chance to win a pot. Hugs, Anne x (Redanne)

  2. Lacelady

    Hey, this looks like fun – must go check out the Youtubes. Thanks for the idea.

  3. butterfly

    How cool… haven't done any experimenting with melting yet, so this would be a great way to start! Thanks so much for the chance to win. Off to find out some more…
    Alison x

  4. eviesgran

    I've seen similar products demonstrated before. Clever idea. Would love to win some.

  5. suzieq23

    I just started playing with my melting pot (that i've had for quite some time) and love it. I only have white and black UTEE so MeltIt! will be a fun change so I can get some color. Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Ria Gall

    Hi Kim
    Wow (sorry) just look what you can do with this product and as you say it saves using a lot of your coloured embossing powder.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Snežana Maricic

    Hello, Kim!
    Nice to meet you.
    I think I can not participate because I do not have chances, but I enjoy the beauties created by creative people.

  8. Miria

    Thank you for remiding us and for the chance. Hugs, Miria xx

  9. Beverley Lowe

    Hi Kim – thanks for reminding us about this & thanks for the chance to win some crafty stash! Bev xx

  10. Mary J

    You're so inspiring, Kim! Thanks for this – I'm gonna go get some! (Unless I win this of course!!)

  11. maxine

    A lovely giveaway and great embellishments Kim x

  12. Inez

    This is gorgeous!

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