Heads-Up, Shout-Outs And News

Hello lovely Arty fluff bundles, I hope that you are all doing ok this week, getting some creativity done in-amongst all the other demands on your time!

I have some heads-up, shout-outs and news to share today, but I will admit I am starting to the lose the plot a bit so if I am repeating myself I apologise!

So the heads-up first, the new issue of Papercraft Essentials, Issue 88, has been in the shops for a week or two.

The lovely Editor for Papercraft Essentials, Lee Jepson, let me riffle through my stationery supplies for this one and boy was it fun! Yeah, you all know I have a bit of a paper and pens fetish – ‘coz you all have one too – don’t deny it! Hope you enjoy the article!

Practical Publishing have a new website, by the way, and you can buy single magazines directly from them through PayPal by the looks of it! That is quite cool.


The shout-out next and this is a shout-out for the lovely Anneke De Clerck from Some Fiddling On The Kitchen Table who has made some wonderful Christmas themed altered sardine tins, wow, how gorgeous! So thought my fellow sardine tin altering enthusiasts might enjoy taking a peek at them.


And now the News… I’m patting myself on the back (sorry for the shameless self-promotion *sigh*) – I made runner-up again for the IndigoBlu round in the Craft Stamper Stamper of the Year 2012 Competition and I’m tickled pink – big grin! 

Ok enough of that unbecoming bragging!

And onto the next bit of news that might interest my fellow paper-obsessed friends. The Papermill have invited a few bloggers to come visit their mill in the beautiful Lake District and I’m lucky enough to be one of those bloggers. I’m hoping to take some piccies and share my day with you in the near future so keep your eyes open for that and if you love your paper and card then pop on over to the Papermill blog.

Ok lovely hoppers, I’m off to finish up a make and get some step by steps ready, so I will catch you all later.


Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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  1. Shirley Davis

    So, Thunderbirds are Go in Dellowville!

    Only teasing – enjoy every opportunity that arises and thanks for sharing the news, Kim.

  2. Fabulous sardine tins I agree Kim. Huge congratulations on your runner up win,well deserved. Enjoy your day out at the mill. Oh and your tv debut was fantastic. You keep blowing that trumpet, you work hard. ENJOY it all. Tracy x

  3. McCrafty's Cards

    Hi Kim. congratulations on your runner up win,well deserved, the stationery article was brilliant,enjoy your day at the papermill,
    Kevin xx

  4. misteejay

    Congratulations Kim.

    Have just got my copy of Simply Cards & Papercraft and I love your note card for the sketch challenge.

    Toni xx

  5. Sandi

    wow Kim, congrats and thanks for all the shares, hugs

  6. teacakemake

    Super busy Kim! But also incredibly worthy of it as you rock your crafts like anything. The Papermill was such fun 😀

  7. Anneke

    Congrats on your Craft Stamper win Kim. I'm not surprised, you're so talented!
    You visited a paper mill, oooh wow that must have been a great experience!
    Thank you very much for mentioning my sardine tins here ♥

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