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I Just Have Nothing To Wear!

I just have nothing to wear – is a phrase that often leaves my lips as I stand in front of my fit-to-burst wardrobe. Much to David‘s bemusement, he just doesn’t understand that most of my wardrobe is full of items of clothing that no longer fit me and are waiting for a little bit of crafty re-purposing. *Sigh* They have a long wait!

So my make today is just perfect for me, well apart from all the dresses, I’ve only got one dress in my wardrobe. Oh and I’m going through one of my corrugated card phases again, you might have noticed! The dresses on this make are from the Creative Expressions Gala Event stamps set

The dresses were stamped with a bit of masking to get them all standing in a row and are all coloured with Prismacolor pencils.

Well, perhaps I should go sort out my wardrobe? Well, maybe after another cuppa…

Sunny Saturday to you all.


18 thoughts on “I Just Have Nothing To Wear!”

  1. I say the very same thing Kim when I have to go out anywhere. And my wardrobe is heaving with "those trousers that I will fit into again one day" or "the dress that I could never give to charity" even though the last time it fit me was 10 years ago!! This card is fabulous. Lee x

  2. Wow!
    Was für eine großartige Karte.
    Genau mein Geschmack, ich bin begeistert 🙂
    Die Kleider sind fantastisch coloriert.

    Ein wunderschönes Wochenende…
    Und nun hast du einen neuen Fan 🙂

  3. love the project; love the theme; KNOW the sentiment only too well but has been mush less of a problem since I became colour coordinated – wardrobe in rainbow order, thick jerseys through to thin tops, then 'bottoms' in each colour = happy dressing!

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