La-La Land Crafts Inspiration – {Back To School}

Hey La-La Land Crafts fans we will be going back to school soon – I know! I don’t believe it either, but yes it is that time of year again. Time to go get some new pens and pencils and notebooks! YAY! That is the only bit of going back to school I ever liked!

But before you rush off to raid WHSmiths and any other local stationery shops for all the latest back to school accessories, don’t forget to checkout the La-La Land Crafts Back to School theme over on the blog.

My Back to School make uses La-La Land Crafts Backpack Marci and the La-La Land Crafts Butterfly die.

For some reason I just love colouring that apple – I have no idea why. It just feels very Zen when I colour it. Zen and the Art of colouring apples!

If you can’t read the sentiment it says ‘ Too Cool For School’. 

Well, don’t forget to link your makes to the Customer Gallery as usual, but you might also want to check out the La-La Land Craft Group page on Facebook to join in with the fans and their Company page on Facebook to keep up with all the La-La Land Crafts news. For all you Twitter fans check out La-La Land Crafts on Twitter too.

Right, I’m off to stock up on some new pencils, I don’t have kids and I’m not going back to school myself but who needs an excuse to go hang out in the stationery aisles? 

Catch you later Artinators!


14 thoughts on “La-La Land Crafts Inspiration – {Back To School}”

  1. Hi from a new follower:D love the image and yes the apple looks great too and I love the sentiment too, just wondered how you cut the butterfly out, whether its a die or not?


  2. Great image Kim and sooooooooo cute.

    I loved the pens, pencils & notebooks bit the best too…thing is I don't think I ever grew out of it and can still happily spend on stationery bits-n-bobs LOL.

    Toni xx

  3. Hi Lisa – Thanks so much for the follow. I can't access your profile or respond to your comment via email, so in case you check back here you will see the link to the butterfly die in the blog post.

    Thanks for your question

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