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Minimalistic Inky

You know how you can sometimes get a bit of a creative bee in your bonnet? You know it is when you have an idea and it just sticks around until you do something with it? I’ve had one of those persistent creative urges that has resulted in the make I am showing today.

But first let me share with you where this one was sparked from. A few weeks ago I re-pinned this wonderful journal page from Bridgette Guerzon Mills into one of my Pinterest inspiration boards and when I saw the new Creative Expressions DT stamp set this month something went ‘bong!’ and I thought that would be that, creative urge satiated.

Nope, it wasn’t I still need to do some white, black and inky something so here it is…

The background is an old book page on watercolour paper and covered roughly with white paint.

The heart is alcohol inks in acetate and I’ve stitched it onto the make and added extra stitching in the top left to balance the make and for the sentiment.

The circles and borders are done with a dip pen and ink.

One of my favourite things at the moment.

So have no idea where this idea might go next, but perhaps I’ve worked it out of my system?

Catch you later art-inators!


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