Day Trippers To The Transport Museum

Yep we have a blog post! So that is a full week of blogging, told you I had lots to share this week! Today I wanted to share a memory. It’s a page from my Smash / Notebook, you know the one I showed you on Monday with the little sketching practice. It’s the same notebook but this time with a little memory layout from the long bank holiday weekend in June.

Ok so bear with me, I have a lot of photos, but the page is all interactive and everything!

So David and I went on a little touristy trip to the London Transport Museum in Covent garden. You know how it is, you live somewhere but you rarely do the touristy things. But there was a two for one offer and I couldn’t remember if I had been before and David was sure that he hadn’t. So perfect opportunity we thought.

If you were worried that we went all the way into town to the Transport Museum just to take pictures of each other then fear not! Lift up the top photos and you will see the Museum! Told you it was an interactive page. I’m not sure that you can spot that I’ve stylised all the photos on the page with Photoshop.

I’ve used Heidi Swapp No Limit papers and a cute glittery Heidi Swapp Destination Paper Pennant along with a map page torn out from an old London A-Z. I masked off Covent Garden and gessoed the map then circled the spot with Kuretake ZIG Cartoonist Sumo ink to highlight the museum.

The banner uses the Heidi Swapp Color Magic Letterbox Resist Alphabet Stickers with some spray inks and slightly riffs on a song title from the Beatles (but not the meaning of that song – if you are worried!), don’t know why that was in my head when I made this. 

Did you spot the faux London transport sign with the Transport Museum written in Kuretake ZIG Cartoonist white ink? Oh and the ticket we used to get there is on the page too. And under the moving photos is lots of space to journal the day.

It was a fun day! I think we might have had to stop out for some Szechuan dumplings too as we were in town.

Have a fun Friday.


15 thoughts on “Day Trippers To The Transport Museum”

  1. Adorable, Kim! So bright and detailed! Love this! Oh, my postman was smiling yesterday! Yes! I have got your envelope and fantastic tag!!! Thanks so much for doing this! Should we maybe spread a word about this game? Seems like 60 people is not enough for the mail art exhibition 🙂 Hee-hee! Have a great weekend! Love, kissinia

  2. what great journal pages, we have a railroad museum downtown and it is so much fun to see the old engines and cars, looks like you had a grand day, thanks for sharing, hugs

  3. I'm no scrapbooker but that's a brilliant page, Kim! And I know what you mean about living somewhere and not seeing the sights. I was exactly the same when I lived in London. Did a lot better when I was in Cambridge.

  4. I've just come across your blog and I'm totally amazed by your work. I love this Smash page, there is just so much colour, texture and everything else going on. Fabulous!

  5. Love your work! Very creative. I like the idea of a sketch/scrap book. Brilliant to layer the photos the way you did. I've had a nice scroll through your recent posts and enjoyed it very much. I'm glad you had a chance to visit me, as well, and I thank you for your lovely comment.

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