What Is On Your Workdesk Wednesday – Three Things

My desk is back in its rightful place this week, unlike last week when it was just a pile of stuff on the floor and a stressed Kimberley trying to tidy up – only the worst thing ever after finishing a project!

Anyway my desk is full of stuff I’m in the middle of playing working with…

but I thought I would give you a sneak at three of them – some inks, an almost finished commission card and…Ooooo…is that the Eiffel Tower?

Oh yes it is! It’s an Eiffel Tower die and it is yummerishus.

Ok I’m out of here, don’t forget to drop by Julia’s blog to join in the WOYWW fun.

Catch yeah laters crafteraters!

(and yes I do like making words up – I’m waiting for them to make it into the Oxford English Dictionary – one day, one day!)


24 thoughts on “What Is On Your Workdesk Wednesday – Three Things”

  1. Hi Kim

    Your desk is looking full of lovely goodies .. .. much less daunting than the picture you showed last week LOL!!!

    Like the look of that commission card too!!!

    Hope you are having a good week.

    Love Jules xx

  2. Hi there, just popping in to visit for WOYWW. It's lovely to see so many creative spaces! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us curious folk! I hope you have a good week.
    Neil #70

  3. The card looks like its coming along well…..Means you've being doing what your supposed to, unlike me who has been playing instead of working on the two workshops i am being paid to run!!!!!!……..nice die…. seems like you've had a tidy up since last week!!
    Jackie 95

  4. lol, very fun post to read, so i keep my fingers crossed that you do make it in to the dictionary!
    looks like some yumminess coming together on your desk!
    have a happy crafty week 🙂
    france #78 xx

  5. I'm sure that on is already in the full oxford version,

    it is indeed a rather tempting die and I broke my nose on my screen trying to read who makes it…

    sitting with nose bleed hoping you will spill the beans..

    dxxx 118

  6. Well, I vote for 'yummerishus' to get in the dictionary!! It beats 'lush' and 'tidy' hands down – can you tell I've been in Wales for some time now?? LOL. There's lovely, look you 🙂
    Hugs, LLJ #57 xx

  7. Love the things on your desk . Great commission card and I need the Eiffel Tower die, like NOW!!
    Thanks for your visit and comment,
    Lv JoZarty x

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