What Is On Your Work Desk Wednesday (WOYWW) – Kuretake Project Box!

Welcome WOYWW-ers how you all doing this Wednesday?

Well this has been on my desk for a couple of days – one of my
‘project’ boxes. 

If you have popped in to my blog on previous WOYWW you will have seen my project boxes before. I use the boxes you get your scrapbook papers in to store my ongoing projects and this week I’ve been working on some makes for Kuretake.

The projects are finished now and I’m packing them up ready to go to the post office. If you are really lucky you might get to see them on my blog soon – but only if you are really, really good 🙂

Don’t forget to pop over to Julia’s blog to play along with WOYWW.

Catch you later alligator.


Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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  1. A purposeful desk, that has me intrigued as to what is going on! I shall be back to see. Take care, enjoy snooping the oh so many WOYWW desks & have fun! Zo xx 34

  2. great desk – love the use of the boxes. can't wait to see the projects…

  3. ohooo will have to pop back later! Are those little pockets below your desk for 'bits to keep' or throw away' ? either way what a good idea!! At the moment, either way, I use the floor!
    Have a crafty day
    HaPpY WoYwW

  4. Great desk love your box idea have seen it before .Will pop back then to see later.
    #Have fab wednesday and creative week
    judex 17

  5. what a great way to keep things organized! Have a fun WOYWW.

  6. Great looking and creative space this week, thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing the finished articles, I'll be good, I promise!
    Neil #8

  7. I promise to be good!! Have a great week, Hugs May x x x

  8. I love that idea, using the pizza boxes, of course since I saw it last none of my papers have arrived in pizza boxes, typical!
    Happy WOYWW, Debxx #112

  9. Quickly watching all those lovely desks!!
    Have a happy WOYWW Wednesday :)))
    Watch mine too, I've an awesome announcement on my BLOG(click)
    Hugs Marleen 😉

  10. Thanks for the peek before you finished up and packed it away! Cannot wait to see the finished project! (promise to be good!)LOL! Have a fabulous WOYWW! -Amanda #39

  11. oh man I have to be good?? Well that's a bummer :p waving hi from the warm and sunny hills of North Carolina 🙂

  12. I'm glad you got finished and are all packed up. I wondered what your green and red little bags were for too! Aren't we a nosey bunch.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #80

  13. …it all looks so interesting Kim, look forward to seeing what you create…have a lovely week…Mel 🙂

  14. That is a supremely organise desk! Thanks for sharing. Catherine 164

  15. Love the use of the boxes for works in progress. Thanks for sharing.

  16. What are you like Kim !!!
    Of course we are coming back and we are all good …really good !
    Hugs Elaine

  17. Look at all of those craty goodies! And what a brilliant idea for a box. Never seen that before. 🙂

  18. Will now have to keep popping back to check the goodies in your box.

  19. Good idea to organise your projects like that, grab and go when you need to!

    Brenda 12

  20. great way to keep your on the go projects together,x

  21. I promise to be good! I want to see the project!! Great re-use on the box. Warmly, Tracy WOYWW #81

  22. Your desk looks like a fun and creative space! Would love to have a play there 🙂
    Great idea for the pizza boxes! And I like your bin bags hanging there!
    xoxo Karen

  23. I'm amazed at all the stuff you can fit on that desk, much less your pizza boxes. I don't seem to have that kind of room on mine. Lucky you. Also like all those bags hanging there for trash and (I'm assuming) recycling.

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