What Have You Been Up To Wednesday?

Hello Wednesday how have you all been? 

Busy creating beautiful things I hope? 

It has been a busy time here at Kim Dellow Studios LOL! I’ve just finished a couple of commissions and am about to start another. 

If you are wondering by a newsagents you might want to take a look at the new issue of Papercraft Essentials Issue 78.

I have some Olympic and Jubilee year inspired makes in this issue using the Pomp and Pageantry Stamp set from Indigo Blu

You can just about spot one of my makes on the top right of the cover 🙂

Have you spotted the new ‘Follow By Email’ gadget in my sidebar? 

I thought I would give it a go, it is under the link to my Facebook page and Pinterest collections. You just need to put your email address in and press submit and you will get my blog posts as an email when I post. What a great idea! 

Feel free to add your email address if you want to get my posts via your email and if you want to add one to your blog go to your design page and you will find it in the ‘Add A Gadget’ section.

Well I best be off, but before I go I just thought I would do a shout out for this gorgeous altered Tin from Milla I LOVE it! You have to go take a peak!

Catch you later!


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