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Bring On The Love And Make Your Own Colour Spray Using Kuretake Pens

Are you looking for some love? Well you have found it!

Some inky love with Kuretake for the season of love and for Kuretake’s new Challenge, have you had a chance to check the Challenge out yet? There are some amazing prizes!

Materials: ZIG Memory System Calligraphy Antique Burgandy and RoseZIG Fabricolor Twin Red, ZIG Opaque Writer Anniversary Ivory, Basically Bare Bare Basics Hearts Set 2Basically Bare Bare Basics Hearts Set 1 and Basically Bare Bare Basics Buttons

I used the ZIG calligraphy and fabric pens to make my own colour Spritz for using with a mask on the large Basically Bare fabric heart, and here is how I did it:

You Will Need:

 ZIG Memory System Calligraphy Antique Burgandy and Rose

ZIG Fabricolor Twin Red

A non-stick sheet (craft sheet, plastic, acetate)

Small empty spray bottle

Pipette/ Eye-dropper

Perfect Pearls or Cosmic Shimmer powder


Mini-scoop or thick tweezers

Step One – Scribble!

Scribble the pens onto the non-stick sheet to build up some colour. I’ve used all three pens but you can easily mix and match to make your own colours.

Step Two – Just Add Water

Pour a drop of water directly onto the scribble of colour and mix the colour into the water. Try to keep the pool of water in one large drop, don’t spread in around the sheet or break it up into smaller droplets.

Step Three – Suck!

Suck the coloured liquid up in the pipette (eye dropper) and put it into one of the empty spritz bottles. You can repeat Steps 1-3 as many times as you like to build up colour and volume. If you want to make the colour more intense use a drop of the coloured water from the spritz bottle on the scribble of ink instead of fresh water in Step 2.

Step four – Bling It Up!

If you want to add a bit of sparkle to your spritz then add a pinch of mica powder such as Perfect Pearls or Cosmic Shimmer to the bottle and mix well. Use your Kuretake colour Spritz as you would any other colour spray for a week then give your bottles a good wash with mild soapy water before making more.

There you have it, your own tailor made sparkly colour spray. I used it here through a mask on the fabric heart and to change the colour of this seam ribbon.

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28 thoughts on “Bring On The Love And Make Your Own Colour Spray Using Kuretake Pens”

  1. Gorgeous card. I love the way it looks simple but has all the elements. Thanks for sharing the tip – have used re-inkers like this before but hadn't thought about pans, will have a go.
    Thanks also for visiting my blog and for your comments on my hearts journal page.

  2. ohoo I will have a good with what 'stuff' I have and see what happens. I have one, well, a few, of those 'sucker-upers, I got them from the vet…! (cat was unwell…ummm never mind!) I've never used them, they are still sealed, so now they'll have a place in my craft room…Happy Crafting

  3. Gorgeous, Kim! I love the colour, and the very intriguing background you've created, too. I have made DIY glimmer mists using Perfect Pearls and Distress re-inkers. It's great to be able to tailor-make your own colour combinations, isn't it.

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! I came here to thank you for kind comment on my site! I have now discovered Kuretake and will participate in the challenges as soon as I get some product ordered! Love all your wonderful creations and great tutorials. Had fun looking at your site!

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