Sunday Round-Up – A Post For My Mum

Have you noticed how my posts here on the blog have been getting later and later? Ok so my first New Year resolution for 2012 will be to get back into the rhythm of scheduling my blog posts for first thing in the morning!

Well, I say New Year resolution but I don’t really do that resolution thing – just too much pressure for a New Year I think. I try to pace my self-improvement steadily throughout the year – it is a slow, ongoing project with many pitfalls – LOL!

This isn’t really a round-up post as I have no links to share with you today, I’ve not really had a chance to do much blog hopping and I feel that I am missing out on all the fabulous things that happen in the blogosphere – I feel ‘resolution’ number two coming up – and hopefully I can get more blog hopping done and sharing of links in the New Year.

No this is really a post for my Mum. My Mum is an amazing knitter, only one of her substantial creative skill sets by the way. I thought she might enjoy seeing the jumper I knitted for David a while back being put to good use and that you might get a giggle out of it too of course!

Ok so I might have got the size slightly wrong but I am trying (very trying as David might say!). And it comes in handy as it can get cold in the flat!

Have a fun Sunday!


15 thoughts on “Sunday Round-Up – A Post For My Mum”

  1. I think its a perfect fit!!beautiful photo, thanks for sharing this!!
    I love the color! Maybe it will shrink!
    Maybe he will get bigger, lol, just kidding!!!!!

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