Last Christmas Card?

Not quite the last Christmas card I have made this year but almost there! I’ve done my Christmas card commissions but I still have one more Christmas card to make before I can put the Christmas things away for another year! I have plenty more Christmas makes to show you though – so you don’t get off that easily!

This one uses paper from Prima Marketing and is called Alla Prima, you can get it over at Quixotic Paperie.

I really like the Prima papers they are GREAT value for money, you get 48 sheets with 12 designs and 4 of each designs. Which means that if you really like a design you don’t use it all up in making one card, or get all conflicted if it is a double-sided sheet and you like the other pattern too!

I know you have been there too!

I stamped out the sentiment in gold but I wasn’t happy with it – it wasn’t gold enough. So I went over it with the gold ZIG Metallic Writer from Kuretake which made a huge difference!

Hope you are all having a good Saturday.


11 thoughts on “Last Christmas Card?”

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