Experimenting With…PanPastel On Surfaces

No finished makes to show today but a bit of experimenting instead for a change.

Readers of Crafty Makes will know that I did a PanPastel review recently and that I have a special offer of 10% off all PanPastel and Sofft Tools with code PanPastel10 sponsored by

I’ve continued to try the pastels out, I wanted to see how the PanPastels worked on different surfaces and I thought I would share the results so far with you all. Another long post I’m afraid, but it is mostly pictures.

I grabbed some of my favourite papers and surfaces and some other scraps that I had to hand. I brushed the PanPastels on with Sofft tools, used masks and also tried a spot of stamping with Versamark.

First up I used different colours of the Daler Rowney Murano Pastel Paper:

Purple Pastel Paper with Bright Yellow Green and Turquoise

Black Pastel Paper with Permanent Red and White

Cream Pastel Paper with Bright Yellow Green and Turquoise.

Next fabric – of course!

Fabric with Bright Yellow Green and Turquoise

Another favourite surface of mine – book pages:

Untreated Book Page with Magenta and Turquoise

Gesso treated Book Page with Magenta and Tuquoise

Then a bit of cardboard

Corrugated card with Permanent red and Bright Yellow Green

How about on some Designer Paper? 

Designer paper with Bright Yellow Green and Turquoise

My final swatch shows the PanPastels on Crackle Paste from Golden

Golden Crackle paste with Permanent Red and Bright Yellow Green

These are examples of some of the surfaces I tried out, I didn’t want to completely swamp you! The PanPastel worked beautifully on all the surfaces even the smoother papers like the designer papers.

I would love to know what surfaces you have tried PanPastel on and what you thought.

Happy experimenting.


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