Sunshiney Day

I’m obviously in a Clean and Simple mood with my makes at the moment and as today is a beautifully sunny Autumnal day I thought this little notelet would fit the bill!

The stamp is from The Cat’s Pajamas range over at Make The Day Special.

I hope you are having a beautifully Sunshiney Tuesday.


32 thoughts on “Sunshiney Day”

  1. Kim, forgive me my opinionated laudmouthery (i'm practising my franglais)…

    as I scrolled down my 'blogs I follow' to catch up on things,

    I Glimpsed,

    Microsecond Glimpsed

    the image of this work,

    and I KNEW, without looking at any words, that it is a "Kim Dellow"

    it Is Your Style and it is Fabulous,

    I honestly do not know Anyone Else who does clean and minimal as perfectly as you, the composition has to be just so right and you get it – every time –

    I absolutely believe this is Your Style You Own it ( as teenagers would say) and You should Exploit it.


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