If You Scare Easily Then Look Away…NOW!

This might be a bit scary…

You might want to look away…

Lock your doors and windows…

It’s the haunted house stamp from the Artistic Outpost Haunted Halloween Stamp set available from Quixotic Paperie.

The base of the ATC is from the scary Echo Park Apothecary paper

Are you suitable scared now?

Well I did warn you in the title!

Don’t have nightmares!

Kim ‘The Zombie Crafter’ Dellow

15 thoughts on “If You Scare Easily Then Look Away…NOW!”

  1. Oh thanks very much, I'm home alone with son all weekend and you decide to scare me with a spooky ATC – not fair! I'll not sleep tonight as I have images of blood dribbling houses in my head… ;D Hee hee! ;D Well, to be honest, I do like this 🙂

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