Book Review – Microcrafts: Tiny Treasures to Make and Share

Microcrafts: Tiny Treasures to Make and Share compiled by Margaret McGuire, Alicia Kachmar, Katie Hatz and Friends Published by Quirk Books

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Miniature crafts is quite a big thing (pun was intended) and I often see tiny versions of makes and projects on my hippity hop around the crafty Blogoverse. I’m a bit of a miniature freak and will find myself making those ‘Ooo’ and ‘Ahh’ noises whenever I see something ickle (aka little) and I get drawn into a world where all I can say is ‘Look how small that is’. So when Microcrafts: Tiny Treasures to Make and Share dropped onto my doormat – well, got picked up from my postbox but dropped onto my doormat just sounds better – I was keen to have a play!

Microcrafts: Tiny Treasures to Make and Share has 25 miniature craft projects from a number of different American crafters, designers and Etsy-ers. There are all sorts of different crafts from tiny little felt kitty cats to polymer clay trophy deer heads, they even have some extra ickle paper pieced greeting cards with ickle envelopes for all your miniature greeting needs!

I love the ethos behind the book, which is to use up and recycle all those little bits and bobs that you would otherwise throw out or in my case hoard forever because you can not bear to throw anything away.

The book is beautifully photographed and has a very clear layout with materials list and simple step-by-step instructions, which in some cases can be brief but with a little bit of common sense you will be ok. There aren’t any photos of the making process or steps, just different angles of the finished product. However, there are helpful diagrams for some of the makes. The projects range from the very simple indeed to the ‘might take a little bit more thought and patience’. There are tips nicely sprinkled throughout with templates and patterns
where needed.

I’m not 100% sure who the book is aimed at, but I would think that a craft starter who is into the contemporary crafts would be a perfect candidate, someone who spends a lot of time window shopping on Etsy would probably love this book and of course anyone who loves tiny, tiny things.

As I read through, there were several projects that inspired me to have a go or kicked up some other ideas in my head, which I think is always a good sign for a craft book. Some of my favourite projects in the book were the Flower Pocket Pendants from Larissa Holland, the Dogs project and Monster Babies from Holly Keller, Hope Watthanahand’s Spool Dolls and the super cute miniature books from Melissa Jacobson but there were plenty others that also piqued my interest!

The resources included the list of authors and their websites at the back which is great, because I always like to see who folks are. There is a resources link list, mostly US-centric, and some further ideas and inspiration as well as a small glossary of terms and techniques which was full of tips for beginners.

Overall I think this is a very cute book; I like the fresh and clean way it is presented, some of the projects were just that side of too simple for me but probably would be great to get kids to play with. If I was going to criticise, it would be to say that I would have liked to have seen crafters and designers from other countries in the mix, not just America.

(I tried out a couple of the projects as you can see!)

As far as I know, the book has not been released yet and is due out in early October 2011, you can find it to pre-order on or on so just in time for
Chrimbo, Yes?

(Just so that you know – this book was sent to me by Quirk Books to review. My views are honest, unbiased and unpaid, well other than a free copy of the book that is!)

Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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  1. Milla

    Aww, how cute are these! The tiny kitty cats just stole my heart! 🙂

  2. Lesley

    Kim thank you for your honest candor about the book. I like to know ahead of time what I am getting when it comes to books these days and this looks a little too simple for me. I agree also that with crafting I would love to see more International variations and ideas, that maybe would be a good book to buy.
    Take care and happy creating to you.

  3. She

    Good review Kim, I wish I had the patience to work in minature…S xx

  4. Janine

    hahaa, they look so cute! I hope ypoun hade many extravisitors yesterday? I see you have a lot more followers ☺ Have a great weekend. Best wishes from Janine

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