A Little Teddy With A Big Punch!

My title is a bit of a play on words today. It isn’t a teddy that punches, its a teddy punch! One of the Kuratake Kurepunch range to be precise!

Ok so I’m not so good with the word play!

But how about this for a congratulations card or a new baby card?

He is the Kurepunch Small – Baby Bear and he is ever so cute, even has a little bow tie!


So this is how grey mad I am at the moment (see yesterday’s post for more grey madness) – the faux border stitching was done with a ZIG Art and Graphic Twin pen in none other than grey of course! You can get the pens over at Make The Day Special.

Catch you later amphibious reptiles (Alligator…! Catch you later Alligator – in a while Crocodile! What? You don’t say that? Common phrase in our household)


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