Snapfish And The Stamp Makers

Sounds like the title of a book doesn’t it? Well it is the title of my Thursday evening from the last week in July. I was very lucky and got to do two things that I’ve been wanting to do for a while – visit The Make Lounge in north London and make my own rubber stamps and all courtesy of the folks at Snapfish UK and the Endelman team. Thank you guys. For those of you who don’t know Snapfish is an online photographic printing service.

[update: I’m now part of the Snapfish affiliate program so there are affiliate links in this blog post]

Snapfish sponsored a crafty evening learning how to carve into Speedball Speedy-Carve with the lovely Zeena Shah to guide us on our way.

I went for a fruity theme and carved a citrus slice and a lemon!

I met a bunch of other crafty folk but we didn’t get an awful lot of chat in, we were too busy trying to slice into the Speedy-Carve and not our fingers! Especially after a bit of fizzy wine too!

But not so busy that I couldn’t fit in a cake between cutting!

I think I could get very use to this kind of thing!

We got to see some samples of the Snapfish photographic prints and the range of products they can provide like photos, printed canvases, calendars, books, mugs and they were all very good quality. I’m kinda looking out for when they do business cards and will look forward to trying out their services then and I will let you know how I get on with them when the time comes.

I would be interested to hear if any of you guys have used Snapfish before? What do you think?

But I’m definitely going to try carving more stamps – think I’m hooked!

Catch you later.


ps. see more fabulous hand-carved stamps on Vicky’s blog Blush Crafts.

17 thoughts on “Snapfish And The Stamp Makers”

  1. Blimey – that took me straight back to being 16 and doing lino prints for my Art O Level!! I used to love doing the prints, though sometimes forgot which order you had to layer the colours on finishing with the darkest! I always had inky fingers too…. Story of my life, never elegant lolol !!! Thanks for dropping by my blog xx

    PS great blog on previous day. There are loads of fantastic people out there, your friendship card hit the right note 🙂 xx

  2. Hello Kim honey! This is so fab – thx for sharing! I bought some of this speedball stuff years ago and never touched it – gonna give it a try now!

  3. check out Moo

    for business cards.

    you should ABSOLUTELY have been given lino cut wood squares to hold your work whilst you carve – very naughty to let the learners loose without one…

    the mangled moggie is something I am doing based on my crumpled cow that my WOYWW PIf partner saw and asked me to do as a cat version…

  4. I've used Snapfish for years, I usually get prints when they have a freebie. Their paper is pretty thin, and sometimes the prints can come out darker than they appear on my PC but for me it's not a big issue. Service is great and pictures come as snappy as they say they will.

    I have a speedball set waiting for me to dive in. Thanks for doing it 1st.

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