Making It Clean And Simple – Notes On Designing

I don’t know about you guys but I think that clean and simple (aka CAS) is quite tough to do. Actual there are two things I find hard to do and that is the highly embellished designs and the clean and simple designs.

Ok so they sound like they contradict each other. 

If I find one hard to do then surely I would find the other easier to do? 

On the great ‘Design Continuum’ where highly embellished is at one end of the scale and clean and simple is on the other end, I would place myself nearer to the clean and simple side I
will admit.

But that doesn’t mean that the clean and simple designs come easy to me, I do still have to work at them and the more I practice the more I’m happy with the designs I come up with.

But for me that is all part of the journey, learning how to create, design and express myself through what I make. Looking at my early work you can see that it has been a rather long journey so far! But I’m still loving it and learning all the time.

My most recent practice in clean and simple design, above, uses the wonderful Unity All About The Journey which you can get over at Make The Day Special. I’ve coloured the stamp with ZIG Art and Graphic Twin pens

So which are you? Do you lean towards the clean and simple or highly embellished designs? I’m so nosey!

Happy designing!


11 thoughts on “Making It Clean And Simple – Notes On Designing”

  1. Hi hunny, what an interesting question! Love your card by the way, stunning. I too find heavily embellished cards really difficult, things never end up looking more like a jumble sale. And CAS is not as easy as it sounds either. I'm more in the middle. Hugs Sxx

  2. I think I'm very much a clean and simple type of creator. I like a little bit of embellishment, but I don't like to keep adding and adding!

  3. I'm with you–more of an in-between, not a mega-embellisher, but not exactly CAS, either . . .

    You're card is so nice, it makes me want to get out some stamps and plain ol' white cardstock!! Great design!


  4. stunning card kim and what a question 😀
    i find cas very hard but then sometimes find too many embellishments ott so i guess i`m somewhere in the middle?

    xx coops xx

  5. I think you succeed wel, this looks so nice!!!! and I don't think you needed a long yourney, we just love other things in other times ☺ have a great day, big huf from janine

  6. Hi Kim, This is stunning! It seems to me that you can do the lot! It just takes a little longer when you haven't done a style for a while/before and we all need to stretch ourselves, don't you think?

    Myself? who knows? I blow with the wind although if I was pushed probably CAS. At the end of the day we all need to challenge ourselves if not we become bored.
    Nice discussion! Thank you, have a great day! :0) xxx

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