Sunday Round-Up

Hey Guys, how is your weekend going? I’m seething with jealous of all you folks who have been going to Ally Pally for the Big Stamp and Scrapbook Show this weekend! Ok so you better all come back saying that none of the retailers were there and you didn’t buy any fabulous new products!

If you had fun, found lots of hard to get things at cheap prices, learnt lots of new things and met lots of lovely bloggers and crafty friends I just don’t want to hear it! Phooey!

Ok – it’s safe, you can come back – princess tantrum is over!

You might have guessed I couldn’t make it to Ally Pally this weekend, but I’m not thinking about it at all as you can all tell. My grumpy alter ego above is of course the Angry Ballerina from Kraftin Kimmies stamps 🙂

Well to cheer myself up I thought that I would share some more beautiful blogs with you all today.

I wanted to share some gorgeously fun makes from two of my Kuretake DT friends. Back in March when I met Emma, Sarah and Buffy from Kuretake, Buffy was kind enough to give us some Kuretake templates to make gift boxes with. Sarah jokingly said that she was going to use hers to make Royal Wedding Favours boxes. 

Well both Sarah and Emma have taken up the Royal Wedding stationery challenge and you can see the results on their fabulous blogs: Sarah’s on Sarah Hurley and Emma’s on That’s Life.

Whilst you are having a nosey at Emma’s and Sarah’s blogs you might like to pop in on Dee Paramour who has been playing with the Kuretake Alcohol Inks and making tutorial videos! Fun!

Another blog that if you haven’t seen already you really must go look at is that of Sarah Engels-Greer. Sarah has a wonderful eye for the shabby chic, vintage, distressed and contemporary design and her makes often take my breath away. She recently was very kind to say that she was inspired by my circle flowers tutorial and you really should have a look at how she has taken them to the next level. Love!

Have a lovely Sunday and enjoy your blog hopping!

Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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  1. sasa

    Hey Kim,

    Thanks for the shout – glad we inspire and share with each other – it makes the world go round. Love that Kimmie image. (I trained as a dancer and I would sure be throwing a wobbly in that pig costume…)
    Skipping Ally Pally too, I am sure we will survive. Who wants to be trolley hopping, and a-sweating-and-a-shoving on a day like this. Enjoy your Sunday.

    Thanks again,


  2. Emma

    HI Kim…or should I say the Angry Ballerina… lol
    Thanks for the mention and your lovely words. Coming from you…they mean an awful lot!

    As for the "unmentionable" …just think of all that money you saved by not attending and no bruises from being pushed and shoved by eager crafters!! hehe! There's always the next one and I would love to meet up with you then!! 🙂
    Enjoy your Sunday…
    Hugs, Emma xx

  3. Pinkllilac

    I wanted to go to Ally Pally too sob sob so I know how you feel, ok over it now lol.
    Love the kimmie image and the colours are perfect.
    Hugs Linda

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