Scribble Technique

Want to know how I got the colouring on this Christmas Tag using ZIG pens from Kuretake?

It is a fabulous colouring technique which I’m calling the Scribble technique.

You will need:

A craft mat or non-stick surface

ZIG Pens in this case I’ve used the ZIG Calligraphy pens

A spray bottle with water

Heat tool


Scribble the pen onto the craft mat or non-stick surface and spritz with water.

Layer the card on top of the coloured droplets and lift off then dry with the heat tool. Repeat until you have the look you want.

Try getting different patterns, if you swirl the card in the droplets, or the droplets are big you will get a more even coverage of the colour. If the droplets are small and you touch down and lift off without swirling then you will get a more patterned look. 

Have fun with this one!


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Kim Dellow

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