I Read The News Today – Oh Boy!

The news today is SNOW! SNOW! and more SNOW. Ok so this might not be news for you folks in places that have already had snow or who always have snow but for us soft Londoners this is NEWS! I’m sure that it will mean that everything will grind to a halt. I bet even the underground trains have stopped running! Tee Hee!

I have more news for you today – the super cute La-La Land Crafts stamps are now all available as Digi-stamps over at the La-La Land Crafts blog

My final bit of exciting Tuesday news is that the gorgeous Sue Hodgkinson from Hello Gorgeous who runs the fab Twenty Questions Tuesday has asked me the Twenty Questions and you can see my answers over at her blog today! Great fun to do – thanks for asking Sue! Whilst you are over at her blog have a look at her gorgeous makes which she sells in her Folksy shop —Mmm is it Chrimbo coming up? 🙂

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