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Stitched Border Tutorial

Hey Guys, How are you all today? I don’t know if any of you remember this card from a few weeks back? I was asked how I did the border stitching on this card so I thought I would put a tutorial up about it. Hope it is useful!

I actually use two stitches to get the effect, the first is a loose buttonhole stitch (aka blanket stitch) and the second is a backstitch.

Thread, a piercing tool, needle and the card to border. Sticky tape will also be useful!

Step One
When I’m stitching on card or paper I pierce the holes with my paper piercing tool before stitching.

If you are a perfectionist you might want to mark off the holes with a ruler but I usually use judgement – I like the rough and ready look (least that is my excuse!).

Step Two
Stick your thread end on the back of the card with tape and bring the thread through to the front of the card.

Step Three
Take the thread from the front of the card to the back of the card and back up to the front of the card through the next hole along. Leave the stitch loose in a loop.

Step Four
Now take the thread to the back of the card through the loop just as if you are doing a Buttonhole stitch (Blanket stitch) but don’t pull tight.

Step Five
Bring the thread to the front of the card through the next hole along leaving the loose loop.

Step Six
Repeat Step Three to Step Five to build up the border.

Step Seven
Depending on the size of your card and length of thread you might run out of thread before finishing the border – so what do you do to make sure it looks like continuous stitching?

Well, with the end of the thread make a loop in line with the next hole along and stick the end to the back of the card with tape. Then with new thread continue repeating Step Two to Step Five as before. Simple!

Step Eight
When you get to the last stitch make your last loop and connect up the border by taking the thread to the back of the card through the first loop

Step Nine
You can leave the stitch as it is – it is a good look or you can add a backstitch to give some extra definition.

Clicking on the photographs will give you a closer view of the stitching.

Feel free to link in the comments to any projects you make with this stitching – I would just love to see what you do with it!

Happy Stitching

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22 thoughts on “Stitched Border Tutorial”

  1. Hi Kim, your card is gorgeous and the tutorial is very easy to follow to. Do you know I can remember doing the same thing when I was at Primary School way back in the 40s, that shows my age. Never mind its a fabulous and easy way to follow a tutorial and I think youve done brilliantly. Well done with love and hugs Shirleyxx

  2. Hi Kim. I love how you include all sorts of stitching on your work. This is a great tuturial, thanks so much for sharing. I shall definitely be giving it ago.


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