Regent’s Park

Oddly enough, it is really hard to find out what is going on in London as a Londoner. I subscribe to various London-related newsletters but unless you are looking for something specific you often miss those random events.

So when I heard about The Tree House Gallery project in Regent’s Park on the radio, I just had to go check it out.

It was a fun community project with an area for art, reading, music and a sculptor making a seat from a tree stump.

As it was such a glorious day yesterday, David and I spent it exploring Regent’s Park. We have been there a couple of times but never really explored it in great detail, I’ve been to London Zoo and Primrose Hill but that does not give you a feel for the rest of the park.

The park is huge, with several different areas. Sports pitches, rose gardens, boating pond, bandstand, open air theatre, fountains, London zoo, Primrose Hill. They were showing the cricket for free on a huge screen in one part of the park so you could hear the cheer of a wicket whenever you got within earshot!

We had a lovely day wondering around listening to jazz, lying in the sun – wonderful.

Have a sun-filled day

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  1. Thanks for sharing your pics Kim, I've lived in London all my life and never been to Regents Park apart from the zoo! Really must find the time :)xx

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