City Break

David and I are on a city break, hence lack of Crafty Makes to show you! Where are we on our city break? Well, London of course! So okay bit of another stay-cation, but this time without the DIY 🙂

We did Sushi and Cul-cha (aka Culture) yesterday. Mmm, Sushi, I could just eat that stuff forever. The Japan Centre does the best Sushi take-out in London in my opinion and their packaging is recyclable – bonus! 🙂

And for the Cul-cha we could not have picked two more different shows at the moment, the J.W. Waterhouse exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts and the Walking in the Mind exhibition at the Hayward Gallery South Bank.

They were both brilliant exhibitions but I think the Walking in the Mind had the edge for me ‘coz I just adore installation art! I would just love to stick fake grass on a balcony and fill the space with Red shapes coloured with white polka dots.

Strangely, David has refused to let me re-decorate the flat 🙁

Have a wonderful polka dot-filled Saturday

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