Wahoo! Cable Found

Okay so it was a bit touch and go but the camera cable has been found and it was of course in a safe place that I had totally forgotten about. Now I remember that as I put it away I said to myself ‘I must remember where I’ve put this!’ So that really worked. LOL!

A little photo diary of last week’s DIY (apologies to all!). The bit that took the longest was shifting everything from room to room, I still haven’t unpacked everything.

A happy David as we start – that didn’t last 🙂

But look at these wonderful floors.

And the chaos that we shifted around? There is floor to ceiling bags behind the door!

Just be glad I did not show you a piccy of the moth infested carpet we ripped out – it makes me feel icky just thinking about it.

All worth it. Right better get on with some work 🙂

15 thoughts on “Wahoo! Cable Found”

  1. Awh bless your hubbie – what a great job he's done. The air would have been blue in our house. I am not aloud in the room when my hubbie's doing DIY – great job.

  2. Whoo!

    I didn't realise you were putting laminate down, if I had I would have offered my deepest sympathies. 😉 I've put down a few laminate floors, and the process has always resulted in lots of swearing!

    Looks fab though!

  3. Great transformation Kim. I've had my hubby laminate 6 rooms so far, but its great and I love it. Pat on the back for both your hard work!

  4. Kim, it looks great now it's done.
    You've cheered me up……..I thought it was only our house that was total chaos. Both kids rooms are getting decorated……..we have toys, games tables, computers etc everywhere upstairs.

  5. Well I love your new floor, and Im so glad you found your cable, my hubby hunted in the loft, shed and the car and has till not found his cable, Im not sure what hes done with it. Anyway love enjoy your new look its stunning. love and hugs Shirleyxxx

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