Starting A New Venture

I’ve opened an Etsy shop! I’m starting to run out of room to store my makes so I thought I would have a go at selling them via Etsy. Feel free to have a nose around the shop, I plan to list more makes on there soon.

Of course, if there is anything you fancy that isn’t on there then let me know, I will be happy to let them go to good homes! I also take commissions and requests, just get in touch, my email address is in the sidebar.

To others who sell their makes, I would be very pleased for any advice 🙂

7 thoughts on “Starting A New Venture”

  1. Hi Kim, yes its Sainsburys as in grocery store, got them after Mother’s Day as they were reduced. It was a mother’s day floral banner for kids to make.

  2. Good Luck with your store Kim! I would LOVE to hear how your venture goes (as I am toying around with the idea of opening one too)!!! 🙂 Do you know what their fees are?
    Hugs~ Kim

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