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27th April 2009
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It is coming up to my first blogiversary at the end of April and I wanted to do a Blog Candy Giveaway to celebrate a year of craft blogging.

The candy is a collection of ribbons, brads, beads, fabric flowers, shaped eyelets, with some more things creeping in as we progress through the month! But the stars of the show are a pot of my two favourite Shimmerz paints – Angel Wings and Blingz Flashee Fushchia from the very lovely Stacey at Shimmerz Paints. If you haven’t had a chance to try these fabby paints then here it is! Or if you are already a fan then you can stock up on some more for free with this candy!

So you have noticed a bag of mixed beads at the front? Well, here is how you can join in on this blog candy. Leave me a comment telling me how many beads you think are in the bag! Yep, I did count them LOL!

You can have more than one go but only one go per day!

The more goes you have the more chances you have – so in my calculations that is 20 chances between 8th and the 27th April!

Remember also to post about the candy on your blog (leaving me a direct link to the post would
be much appreciated!).

So how many beads are there…? Teehee, I am wicked making you work for your candy! For a clue to the number just click here.

The candy will close 27th April 2009 5pm BST (GMT+1h). The people who are within plus or minus 50 beads of the correct bead count will be thrown into the pot and will pick the winner.
Open internationally.

PS. keep your eye on this space because there might be some additions between now and the end of April 🙂

Happy Counting.

Candy Composes of:
1x Shimmerz Paints Angel Wings (Unopened)
1xShimmerz Paints Blingz Flashee Fuschia (Unopened)
10x American Crafts ribbon (Each Approx 35cm)
1x Pebbles Grosgrain Black with white stripe ribbon (Approx 35cm)
1x polka dot black and orange ribbon (Approx 35cm)
1x bee motif yellow and black ribbon (Approx 35cm)
2x satin ribbon orange, yellow (Each Approx 35cm)
1x white felt garden shapes ribbon (Approx 30cm)
Multicoloured fibre
40x assorted fabric flowers
5x assorted music themed shaped brads
2x large brads
5x dragonfly shaped brads
9x shaped eyelets (heart, sun; flower)
30x brads
? mixed beads

Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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  1. Saskia

    Congratulations with your blog!!

    Thanks for sharing this GREAT candy!! Lovely!!
    Well, I gues there are 432 beads… 🙂

    **you are at my ‘candy-bar’**


  2. Diane.W.

    Kim,please don't tell me you have counted those beads out,OMG!!!!!LOL!!!
    I will link your candy on my blog & I think there are 400 beads.

    ps.Thankyou for my card & goodies,I averted my eyes until the morning,to look see what I got :o)x

  3. jennyv

    Congrats on your blogiversary. I think there’s 465 beads inside. Thanks for the chance to win. I will post your candy on my blog.


  4. moi

    Oh, my 😉
    I would say about 904 😉

    And congrats for your first Blogiversary! Many happy returns!

    hugs, moi

  5. Crafting Joanne

    Hi Kim

    Happy Bologversary!!
    Gorgeous candy thank you for the chance to win.
    My goodness have you counted the beads, don’t envy you there, especially with all them little
    My guess is 333.
    Will go link you on to my sweet candy list now.

    Joanne x

  6. Wow what a though cookie! Well, I meant candy 😀

    Amazing. I go with 500. Even though I can’t image you’ve counted them all.

    I would so love to win that awesome candy…

  7. Tanja

    Hay Kim.

    I think there is 427 breads. Am I right 😉

    All the best for your first blogiversary!

    Thank you for giving us the chanse to win that grat candy.

    I have pust a link to your candy on my blog’s side bar.

    Best regards from sLOVEnia,


  8. Julie

    Congratulations on your 1st year anniversary, I think there are 392 beads

  9. Fern

    Hey Kim, great candy, i rekon there’s 358 beads! Fingers crossed!
    I’ve put a link on my blog.

    Love Fern x

  10. Hi Kim, thanks for sharing! I am going to guess 250 on the beads, please count me in and I will post this on my blog, many thanks, have a great Easter, love Heidi xx

  11. Risa

    Congratulations on a year of blogging Kim!!!!
    Thank you for the chance to win some awesome candy. I’m so horrible at guessing….hummmmm…I ‘m gonna say 250 pcs. lol
    Have a beautiful holiday!

  12. Moni

    Great candy, I think aroud 400, guess! I linked you on my blog! Hugs, Moni

  13. Joanie

    Congrats! I think there are 298 beads! Thanks for the chance to win these yummy goodies!

  14. moi

    My second guess will be 256 😉 LOL

    hugs, moi

  15. Emma

    Wow Kim gorgeous candy…thanks for the chance to win.
    My guess is 250 beads.
    Will pop a link on my sidebar.
    Emma x

  16. Jamochka

    )))))Hi Kim!!!My congratulations on your blogoversary)
    This is crazy, realy))) I have counted 480 beads!

    I’ve put a link+picture to your candy on my sidebar!And crossed my fingers) Pick me))

  17. Okay 2nd guess.
    This is still hart!
    I say if not 500 (1st guess) then there are 400 beads.

    Btw nobody would notice if you sneak some in to make the amount 400/500 😉

  18. Caroline


    Great idea for a competition. My first reaction was 501 beads.


  19. Ksenia

    Wow! Lovely candy…thanks for the chance to win.
    My guess is 450 beads.

  20. fancyscrap

    Nice candy! My link isAnd i think there are aprox 400 beads.

  21. orna a

    congrats! and thank you for the chance to win this great candy! I guess there are 385 beads 🙂

  22. jennyv

    Okay my next guess would be 425. Thanks!


  23. Carole RB

    Hi Kim
    Happy first blogoversary. Thanks for a chance to win. I guess there are about 330 beads.

  24. Peninia

    Hi Kim :)Woooow! Lovely candy:)
    Congrats on your blogiversary:))

    Peninia Art- Poland 🙂

  25. Caroline

    I’d go for there are a load of hidden seed beads, making it up to 594.


  26. rachel

    I love Candy!!:)
    I think there are 422 beads…:)

  27. Rowee

    Hi Kim!! Congrats on your year of blogging!!! More to come!!!Psted a link on my sidebar.
    I think there are 560 beads.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!


    PS. I love you creations!!!

  28. Mónica

    Congratulations on your anniversary.
    Will try and remember to drop by often to have more chances at getting the candy (which is awesome).

    My first guess is 650.

    Taking your link to my blog:


  29. Julie

    hi Kim my second guess is 418


  30. jacqui

    I love your blog! I’d have to guess 545 beads! Here’s the link to my blog.

  31. Julie

    Hi Kim
    I am going to try 442 – have now posted a link on my blog

  32. A new day, a new chance.
    So far I have guessed 500/400/300 beads.
    My 4th guess would be…
    Still love the candy!

  33. Crazy Creations

    I woulkd say 349 beads I dont know why just picked a number Thank for the chance Sarah

  34. beverley

    i guess at 850 thanks for the opportunity.

  35. Max

    Thanks for the clue … but it hasn’t really helped LOL!
    I’m taking a shot in the dark and will guess 1500 beads (reckon there’s a lot of hidden teeny weeny ones)


  36. Max

    Whoops … forgot to say I have posted a link under my Followers.

  37. Joanie

    HOLY COW…..I am so off in my count…, here’s a new guess…1,091 beads!!!!!!

  38. Sofita

    Oh! Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve posted a link to my blog. Well my guess is 500. I will try tomorrow another time.

  39. orna a

    Hi. My second guess would be: 467 beads! thanks

  40. Crafting Joanne

    Hi Kim

    Here goes my second guess, probably way too high but here goes….1200

    Joanne x

  41. Tonya

    I am going to say 1500 beads.

    Hope you are doing well, Kim. >:0)

  42. Julie Temple

    Wonderful candy…and I love the bead challenge…LOL! I am horrible at this, but I will guess 922. I have you linked, and thanks for the chance! See you again tomorrow!


  43. Kim

    Hi Kim! My guess is 700 beads! I have put a link to your candy in my sidebar! Thanks so much for the chance to win hun! What a great way to try and win candy! Gotta love games! 🙂
    Hugs~ Kim

  44. Candy

    Hi this is fun!!!
    First guess: 1000 beads
    Congrats Kim on your First Anniversary
    Love C

  45. Suzy

    I try: 286 beads

    Oh. I put the link with picture on my blog 🙂 You can check here

  46. jennyv

    Ok my third guess would be 890. Hope you had a fun and blessed Easter day!


  47. Ksenia

    Okay my next guess would be 550. Thanks!

  48. Max

    Today’s guess is 2120.
    I am positive there are plenty of those tricky little seed beads dodging the camera LOL


  49. Tonya

    Today’s guess 1820.

    Have a fabulous day Kim.

  50. Me again!
    My fifth guess is 600.
    I hope I’m close… if not, there are some more days to go!

  51. Sheena

    Great – fun – candy! My guess is…442 beads!
    I’ve linked you on my side-bar – thanks for the chance to win!
    (can’t wait to find out how many there are!!

  52. Caroline

    Having seen your clue photo, I’ll now go for 756.

    Definitely a challenge.


  53. Izabela

    My first guess is 531. I was gonna go for 500 or 501, but these are gone. Thanks for this fun competition.
    Congratulations on your blogiversary!

  54. Cat

    My guess is 432. Happy Blogaversary!

  55. Dawn

    Hi Kim

    Wow gorgeous candy – I put my candies in my candy box on the sidebar so you will find it there!!!I’m gonna guess 425!!


  56. naty

    hola quisiera participar en tu sorteo
    chau gracias

  57. Lori

    wonderful blog candy.Im going to guess 730 beads.
    Lori Smanski
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  58. Tonya

    My guess for today is 1200

    Have a super day, Kim. >:0)

  59. skin

    wow! eye candy! my guess is 500

  60. Lainy's Little Blog

    Congrats on your blogoversary. Great candy and great idea. I think there may be 625 beads there although I am pretty hopeless at guessing. I have posted a link to your candy on my blog. Hugs, Lainy x

  61. Suzy

    Another day, another try: 335. Link is still on my blog.

  62. Linda S.

    Thank you for the chance to win some great candy. I admire you for having the patience to count all those beads. I will guess 675 total. Linda S. in NE

  63. Cheri Howard

    I love guessing games! I’ll guess 1650 beads – those are itty bitty beads!

  64. Ksenia

    Okay my next guess would be 750. Thanks!

  65. Izabela

    A new day, a new guess. Today i’m gonna go with 645.

  66. jennyv

    I’m back again my next guess would be 750! Thanks


  67. Julie

    Hi my next guess is 688

  68. moi

    My next guess would be 405.

    Thanks, moi

  69. Diamond Doll

    Hiya Kim Congrats on your Blogaversary. I would love to win on the 27th april it,s my Birthday LOL My guess today is 600 Beads.
    I have added a link on my sidebar.
    Trish (-:

  70. Max

    Back again for another try.
    Am sticking with the high numbers.


  71. Ivolina

    My guess is 280.
    Wonderful candy. thank you for a chance.
    My link is here

  72. Char in So Cal

    HOW MANY BEADS?? Let’s say 525 beads :0)

    I don’t have a blog of my own but I will e-mail all my crafty pals and let them know about your FAB blog :0)

    Thanks for the op to win some really YUMMY blog candy!!


  73. Caroline

    I’ll go for 1025 today.


  74. Valems

    Gorgeous candy! Thanks for a chance to win! I added the link with a picture of your candy in my sidebar.

    I will say 600 this time. 🙂

    Have a lovely evening

  75. Ava

    Congratulations with your blog anniversary! Your candy looks absolutely fabulous!!
    I can’t believe you really counted all those little beads?! Well.. I’ll be guessing 500! Thanks for the chance! 🙂
    X, Ava

  76. orna a

    ok – so my third guess would be … 506! and of course thanks again for your lovely candy!!!

  77. Julie Temple

    hmmmm my next guess would be 822…Gee this is fun!!


  78. yvonne

    Hello and congrats on your 1st year bolg. urn, now thats an hard on .. i say 567, fingers crossed.

  79. Mónica


    Stopped to give it another shot…

    This time I’ll say 790.

    Will try and drop by again.


    Have already posted with the link in my blog (so you might hear from others in S. America, although they would have to understand English).

  80. Char in So Cal

    HOW MANY BEADS?? Let’s say 927 beads :0)

    I don’t have a blog of my own but I will e-mail all my crafty pals and let them know about your FAB blog :0)

    Thanks for the op to win some really YUMMY blog candy!!


  81. Jodi

    Congrats on your one year! I am going to guess there are 864 beads. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂 Off to link you on my blog…..

  82. inbar

    nice one!!!
    my guess is 615 🙂
    and you r in my new blo

  83. Ava

    Hm.. I’d say 600 as my next guess?
    A new day, an new chance 🙂

  84. Joanie

    OK…guessing again! My son says it’s 999!!!!

  85. Suzy

    Today i say: 657. Every day more. Are they grow up? 🙂

  86. Adi

    Hi, today’s guess is… 809 (my sister’s guess. she better be right :P)


  87. Max

    Here I am again … this is addictive.

    Today’s stab in the dark is 978


  88. Max

    Here I am again … this is addictive.

    Today’s stab in the dark is 978


  89. yvette

    I guess about 988 beads I love that shimmerz thanks for the chance at this awesome blog candy

  90. Julie

    I’m guessing 895, hopefully someone hasn’t already said this!

  91. Sally

    Hi Kim, what great candy
    My guess is 855 beads
    link hereHugs Sally

  92. K

    🙂 Thanks for the chance, I’m guessing 321 beads. I blogged your candy hereBye, Kitty

  93. Jacilynn

    How Fun Kim! congrats on your blogaversary! My guess is 678.

  94. Linda S.

    O.K. my second guess is 475 beads. Linda S. in NE

  95. Tonya

    Today's guess is 1600

    Have a fabulous day, Kim. >:0)

  96. Ewka

    Hello! I think there’s hmm 511 beads 🙂

    BTW. Great idea for candy 😉

    Link to this candy is at my first note on my blog 🙂

  97. Debs

    ok guess no 2 i think give or take the odd bead there is 1999

  98. Julie Temple

    Ok My next guess would have to be 722…am I getting close? hehehehe
    Thanks again!


  99. Anonymous

    I guess 523 beads. Wow, who has to count them?!


  100. Cheryl

    Happy Blog Birthday!

    My guess is gonna be about 750
    beads .

    Have linked your candy on my blog,

  101. Char in So Cal

    HOW MANY BEADS?? Let’s say 979 beads :0)

    I don’t have a blog of my own but I will e-mail all my crafty pals and let them know about your FAB blog :0)

    Thanks for the op to win some really YUMMY blog candy!!


  102. Jodi

    My second guess is going to be 913 beads.

  103. Crafting Joanne

    Right another

    This time I’m going for a random number that first came into my head, which is 887.

    Joanne x

  104. Kjerstin

    Wow!! What a candy – and what a splended idea with the counting!! 😀
    I go for 550 on my first guess 😉 Will be back tomorrow 😉

    Big hugs!

  105. jennyv

    Another try. My guess would be 825Thanks again.


  106. Suzy

    Today we are 16 april. Another day. And i will try with biger number 🙂 678 brads. ( i even dont know what i said yesterday)

  107. ludy11

    I guess 739 beads


  108. yvette

    My guess is 675 thanks for this great chance

  109. Tonya

    My guess for today is 1005

    Have a fabulous day Kim.

  110. Ava

    Today’s guess will be 700?
    X, Ava

  111. K

    Today my guess will b 456 beads.
    Bye, Kitty

  112. Pam

    How fun!!! I am guessing 1150. Thanks for the chance to win.

  113. Adi

    Hi Kim, thanks for the clue even though it made it even harder, I believe 😛 OK so my 3rd guess will be…. 1478!!


  114. CraftingAnu

    Hi Kim,
    Congrats for the blogaversary! May u have many more!

    I put a direct link to this lovely candy on my blog candy roll.
    My first geuss is 1625 beads.


  115. Anonymous

    Today I’m going to guess 708 beads. It’s hard to tell when they are in a pile and all sizes.


  116. orna a

    today I’ll guess there are: 654 beads!

  117. gina g

    Hi Kim congrats on your blogoversary and what gorgeous candy your giving away, i reckon there are 1000 beads. luv gina xx

  118. Rachael

    Great blog candy – I can’t believe you really counted all the beads!!!

    My guess is 507 beads.

    I’ll go and link you on my side-bar now.


  119. Prpldy

    Great Blog Candy and posted at my candy bar.

    My guess is: 712

  120. Lisa

    275 is my guess thanks for the chance to win

  121. Cat

    Guessing again: 437

  122. Mika

    I guess 749 beads

    XOXO Mika

  123. Cheri Howard

    OK, another guess on the lower side – how about 100?

  124. Caroline


    I’d guess at 1250 today. I’m really struggling though, as there could either be many many small beads hiding, or you’ve seperated all the little ones out to confuse us 😉

    Great idea though, I always liked the sweety in a jar type games.


  125. Suzy

    Another day. 726 brads 🙂

  126. Ava

    Hi Kim, today’s guess is… 800!!
    If i just leave you a comment every day there should be one right 😉
    X, Ava

  127. Kjerstin

    Today I go for 650 beads! 😀

    Big hugs!!

  128. craftydesignz

    857 I thinks, lol

    This is a fab idea and im loving the blog candy



  129. Mandiannie

    729 sounds like a good number to me. That’s a lot of beads!
    Fun candy too.

  130. Adi

    Hello Kim, today’s guess is my brother’s guess, and he goes wild with 2009 🙂 I hope he’s right!

    Have a lovely weekend,

  131. Hi Kim!
    I came home from Edinburgh 2day, and your fabolous RAK was waiting for me! OMG! I LOVE IT!!! I can not belive you got the “Big girl Panties”- stamp. It looks even more amazing in real life! I can not wait to start using them! And those fabric covered brads? How did u know that my favorite colours are pink and purple?? Andandandand….(I´m stuttering….) I am so amazed. The card is so cute! I love the colouring. Have you used pencils? The papers are just so FINE! What brand is it, if you dont mind me asking?? Is it OK if i post it in my blog?

    As for your candy, I think there is about 780 pearls. This is after careful consideration and calculations…. I´m a geek….

    Of course, I´ll post a link in my blog!


  132. Merry

    What a great giveaway thanks for the chance, love the challenge also. 🙂 Congrats on the blogivesary. I guess 1276 beads. I have added a

  133. Danita

    Great giveaway!!!! Congrats on your first blogiversary. My guess 198

  134. Crafty Guam Girl

    Congrats on your blogoversary Kim!!! And thanks for the great blog candy.

    My guess is 550 beads.

    I have a pic of your candy on my blog side-bar.

    Thank you and good luck to all!!


  135. Jodi

    My third guess is 962.

  136. inbar

    my guess for today – 771 is it?

  137. Héloïse

    I would say….473 beads


  138. Ewka

    1380? 😀
    Greetings 😉

  139. Julie Temple

    Happy Saturday! My guess would be 622! Thanks so much!


  140. Ava

    And today’s guess is going to be 900!
    X, Ava

  141. Adi

    Hi again Kim! Today’s guess will be…1630.


  142. Ceal

    wow that is a ton of beads I say 865
    I am posting your candy on my blog candy sidebar

  143. InkHearts

    Great Candy, thanks for the chance to win! I am guessing 652 beads.

  144. Char in So Cal

    HOW MANY BEADS?? Let’s say 1001 beads :0)

    Thanks for the ops to win some really YUMMY blog candy!!

    Char i

  145. Bluemoon

    Happy Blogoversary! Wow, what fun! I’ll guess 667. Cheers!

  146. moi

    Hellow again 😉

    My next gues is 555.

    Hugs, moi

  147. Izabela

    I’m guessing 699 this time. 😉

  148. K

    I’m guessing again, this is fun 🙂 I’m guessing 527 beads.

  149. Merry

    Morning! I am back for a second guess….this time I am thinking 894. 🙂

  150. maxell

    Congratulations to your blogoversary. Gosh. I guess it’s about… well… 846 beads there. 😉 Linked from

  151. Jodi

    My 4th guess is 815.

  152. inbar

    my new day try – 1018
    it’s fun!!! 10X

  153. Char in So Cal

    HOW MANY BEADS?? Let’s say 1111 beads :0)

    Thanks for the ops to win some really YUMMY blog candy!!

    Char in

  154. Suzy

    Another day, another guess: 765

  155. angela

    Hi!! I think about 1350 beads!

    I´ve linked your candy in my blog´s sidebar

  156. Nikki

    hi great contest I’d guess 472 beads in the bag 🙂
    Nikki C
    off to add you into my blog 🙂

  157. gina g

    i am going to guess 1050 this time. luv gina xx

  158. Ava

    1000 is today’s guess!
    X, Ava

  159. Bluemoon

    My guess today is 716. Thanks, Happy Day! 🙂

  160. Fern

    Today i’ll guess 513
    A lot more than my last guess but… worth a try! :O )

    Fern xx

  161. Prpldy

    3rd guess: 834

    prpldy (at)

  162. Adi

    Hello Kim 🙂 Today I say the pile has 1560 beads.

    Have a great week !

  163. Karine MB

    Hi Kim, great candy.
    I think aroud 350, guess.
    I linked you on my blog sidebar.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Hugs from Brasil

  164. Merry

    My guess today is 1267….thanks.

  165. orna a

    today I’ll guess: 876 beads!

  166. K

    And today I’m guessing 555 beads.
    Bye, Kitty

  167. Char in So Cal

    HOW MANY BEADS?? Let’s say 1161 beads :0)

    Thanks for the ops to win some really YUMMY blog candy!!

    Char in S

  168. moi

    My gues for today is 321.
    I hope I’m close 😉

    hugs, moi

  169. Alice

    today I guess …. 999!

  170. CraftingAnu

    my wild geuss for the day- 2223.
    Don’t ask me where I thought of it from. I’ll tell u- out of the blue. lol

    Ananya Gupta

  171. Tonya

    My guess for today is 1967

    Have a beautiful day, Kim.

  172. Joanie

    Today’s guess…..1001 beads!!!!

  173. Mindy

    Oh, boy! This is fun! I guess 749.

  174. angelmoon

    Wow! Lovely candy…thanks for the chance to win.
    I think aroud 500, guess.

  175. Ava

    1100 Maybe? I really have no idea :o)
    X, Ava

  176. Mónica


    Will guess 915 this time…


  177. Merry

    I am going for 851 today. Have a wonderful day.

  178. mariam

    Muchas felicidades por el aniversario, y por el blog tan interesante. Un salud

  179. Roxana Mabel

    Congratulations on your 1st year anniversary, I think there are 563 beads

  180. Char in So Cal

    HOW MANY BEADS?? Let’s say 1211 beads :0)

    Thanks for the ops to win some really YUMMY blog candy!!

    Char i

  181. K

    And today I’m guessing a round 500.
    Bye, Kitty

  182. yvonne

    my guess today 1998 , worth a try ,lol

  183. brookie89smile

    My guess today is 1895….thanks.

    Congrats on having such a Fab blog.

    I would love to win your yummy candy.

  184. Isa

    Congratulation , gracias por tu hermoso blog candy , puse tu link en mi blog ,

  185. Jodi

    My 5th guess is 1011 beads.

  186. Julie Temple

    It is a beautiful day here today…hope the rest of the world is gorgeous, too!! My guess today is 1000! Thanks again!


  187. inbar

    my guess for today is – 1006

  188. Adi

    Hello 🙂
    Today I’ll guess… 760.

  189. Valems

    My second guess: 700 beads. 🙂


  190. Ewka

    651? 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog 😉

  191. gina g

    HI kim its me back again lol. My guess this time is 875. luv gina xx

  192. Gosia

    Congratulations Kim on your 1st year anniversary, I think there are 592 beads
    I added a link to your candy on sidebar

  193. Suzy

    I missed a day? today’s try: 777

  194. Ava

    And 1200 today.. Thanks for wishing me luck with the guessing! One of my guesses should be right till the 27th 😛
    X, Ava

  195. Tonya

    Hey Kim. >:0) My guess for today is 1345

  196. isa & marta

    Gracias por permitir festejar contigo, apuntame al sorteo. Mi

  197. Char in So Cal

    HOW MANY BEADS?? Let’s say 1199 beads :0)

    Thanks for the ops to win some really YUMMY blog candy!!

    Char in So Cal

  198. Joanie

    You’re a crazy girl Kim for letting us guess everyday!!! But I love it! OK….guessing today 897 beads!

  199. yvonne

    Todays guess… urm now lets see..1634

  200. Ведьма

    Congratulations to your blogoversar!
    My guess 430 I have added a link in my blog

  201. Jodi

    Today’s guess is 1060 beads.

  202. Jeanie

    Congratulations on your coming blogiversary ! OMG !! What a giveaway ! My guess is 455 beads 🙂

  203. Suzy

    Oh. Today i say: 802

    Hugs, Suzy

  204. K

    Still in the guessing game. Let’s see, I’m guessing 730.
    Bye, Kitty

  205. Winnie Uffelmann

    Hi.Congrats on your blog milestone! My guess is 1999 beads…

    Great contest..I don’t have a blog to link…

  206. Crafting Joanne

    Hi Kim here I go for another random guess, don’t know how many I’ve had up to now, but my next guess is 1050.

    Joanne x

  207. Bogner's

    I am going to guess… 1234. I’ll cross my fingers! Thank you for a chance to win and I linked your candy to my sidebar to pass the word.
    Rachel B

  208. retiredheather

    Today’s guess will be 666. I have posted the info on my sidebar. Congrats on your blogoversary,

  209. vikkithescrapjunkie

    Hi Kim Happy blogoversary! I have put a link with piccy on my sidebar and also a post on my blog I have also become a follower of your lovely blog. I am guessing that there are 625 beads 😉
    Love n hugs
    Vikki xx

  210. Kjerstin

    I’m in for a guess today as well, and my guess today is 973 beads 🙂

    Hug again! (Like this game 😉

  211. CraftingAnu

    well, even though I have been geussing on the larger numbers, I’ll make a smaller geuss today- 920 beads.

  212. Adi

    Hi Kim, thank you for your comment in my blog 🙂
    and for today’s guess: 932!


  213. lilacanglia

    My guess is 1540

    put a link on my side bar for you 😉

  214. Merry

    How rude…yesterday I just posted a number…sorry. My finger was on that post button before I knew it. I hope you have a great day today and my guess to day is 949

  215. Silvana

    Hi, congrass in your blog and thanks for the chance to win yummy candy…my guess is 620 .

  216. Silvana

    Hi, jus to let you know I put a link and pic in my blog

  217. Ewka

    Today I think there are 850 beads 🙂

    Take care!

  218. lore

    Hi, another lovely candy!! I´ve linked it in my blog´s side bar!

  219. Jeanie

    My guess today is … 538 beads. Thanks !

  220. Char in So Cal

    HOW MANY BEADS?? Let’s say 1234 beads :0)

    Thanks for the ops to win some really YUMMY blog candy!!


  221. yvonne

    Todays Guess …. 1838
    Gosh i am so ramdom,lol

  222. Аленка

    Hello! I’m from Russia. Its a super candy! I added a link to my blog:

  223. Denise

    Ok this has got to be interesting! I am going to guess 1653 beads!

  224. Ava

    1300 will be today’s guess!
    X, Ava

  225. Mandy

    564 🙂
    You’ve been added to my blog candy alerts Thank you for the opportunity.

  226. Merry

    Good morning… guess today is 811 beads….have a good one.

  227. Jeanie

    my 3rd guess …. 598 beads

  228. thescrapmaster

    This is tricky. I think there are 847 beads!

    I helped spread the word here: Hugs,

  229. angela

    aff, finally I could managed some time to return here, to my second try: 1300 beads!

  230. yvonne

    My guess today .. oh where shall i go with this this time, lol


    there , lol


    NICE {]

  232. Carole RB

    Hi Kim

    I’ll take another chance by saying 900 beads.

    Thanks again for a chance to win

  233. Ceal

    wow I forgot I could come back and I don’t even know what my first guess was but this time i say …umm…261

  234. Saskia

    I’ll take another chance… what about 765…


  235. Jodi

    Today’s guess is 766 beads.

  236. Valems

    Today’s guess – 850 beads.
    Hugs, Vanja

  237. Justme

    1000 beads
    Congratulations on a wonderful blog
    link on my blog

  238. Julie Temple

    TGIF!! And a gorgeous one at that!! Today I will guess a whopping 1122!! Thanks so much!


  239. Ava

    1400 maybe? I love your container.. You’ve got my vote! 🙂
    X, Ava

  240. Michelle

    WOW…super candy!..and i’ll guess 432 for the total number of beads

  241. Char in So Cal

    HOW MANY BEADS?? Let’s say 1288 beads :0)

    Thanks for the ops to win some really YUMMY blog candy!!

    Char i

  242. K

    Good morning, my today’s guess is 747 beads.
    Bye, Kitty

  243. Suzy

    I think i forget yesterday 🙁
    Today: 782

  244. Nunt

    I say 456 beads. Thank you for giving away this candy and happy blogiversary!

    Cheers from Norway

  245. inbar

    what about 889? is that right?

  246. 4kids4

    Congrats on your anniversary…a year of crafting online is an incredible feat! Thanks for the chance to win…those beads are cool…and the ribbon is yummy! I’ll guess 1205! What a fun contest!

  247. oura512

    Omg so sweet! Sing me up please 🙂

  248. Jodi

    Today’s guess is 1109 beads.

  249. Little J

    I would love to try on your candy, because your blog is awesome!!!

  250. Julie

    Hi Kim Happy blogoversary!
    I’m going to guess at 1325 beads.
    Going to link you now.
    Julie x

  251. Julie Temple

    WOO HOO Looks like we are ALL having fun!! Toady my guess is 1222. Thanks again!


  252. Stac

    Happy, happy blog-aversary Kim!

  253. Crafting Joanne

    Ohhhh still time to squeez in another guess which is…1275

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Joanne x

  254. jeanie nieva

    i am guessing 567 beads. linking you up at my sidebar. 🙂

  255. Ayelet

    Love the candy, thanks for the chance!
    I’ve linked you on my sidebar. I think there are around 888beads…

  256. Ewka

    Today I think about 1101 beads

    Greetings from sunny Poland!

  257. CraftingAnu

    wow, u’ve really given us lots of chances. I’m tring to use them well. Today I’ll geuss 1758 beads.

  258. Julie Temple

    Today I will guess….1300~~ I can’t wait to see how many there ACTUALLY are!! This has been FUN!!


  259. Anonymous

    Oh, lets’s say 932. I am enjoying your blog.

    Chris R. from Iowa

  260. Suzy

    Ithink i don’t coment today. 823 pieces

  261. Katarina

    LOL. I was going for waaaay lower before, but now I’m going for 950.

    I wrote about the candy on my blog:


  262. Maggie Bob

    What a great candy, I like a challenge.

    I’m going to guess, on the advice of my husband, that there are 700 beads.

    I have linked to you from my candy bar.


  263. Ava

    Let’s say 1500 today.. Could it be that much? I dunno.. Maybe..
    I’m not really that good in guessing 🙂
    X, Ava

  264. Adi

    Hi Kim, today I’m guessing 1000!

    Have a great week,

  265. 4kids4

    1234 is my guess today…what a frenzy you’ve created! 😉

  266. Merry

    Can’t believe I forgot to visit over the weekend. I am here for my last visit…thanks for this challenge. Today I am guessing 974

  267. Denise

    Wow! A chance to win and have some fun! Ummmmm… I’m going to guess 550 beads. THANKS!

  268. Ceal

    Today I will say 517

  269. CM2

    Oh dear, my number is low 625
    I’m way off I know! LOLL
    Thanks for a wonderful chance! CM2

  270. Aeify

    Ok, I’m guessing 474 Beads

  271. Jodi

    Since today is the last day, my final guess is 717 beads.

  272. Char in So Cal

    HOW MANY BEADS?? Let’s say 947 beads :0)

    Thanks for the ops to win some really YUMMY blog candy!!


  273. jeanie nieva

    just dropping by to say hi and to say i am guessing there are 428 beads. thanks. 🙂

  274. Ewka

    1001 :D?

    Greetings 😉

  275. Saskia


    Oké, this time I guess 1358!!

    Oooh… looking forward to know the answer!!!



  276. Valems

    Today’s guess (my last guess) – 1000 beads.
    Thanks for a chance again!

    Have a lovely day


  277. Kjerstin

    Can you believe I’ve been so busy with visitors this weekend that I forgot to guess for several days!!!! 🙁

    My guess for today is 872 beads – my last shot! 😉

    Excited to hear how many it is!! 😀

  278. Nunt

    One more guess – I’d go for 540 beads this time!


  279. Max

    You’ve had a fantastic response to your blog candy quiz game Kim.
    OK … Final chance so I’m boxing clever and think you have 2009 beads … to represent the year 2009 :)!


  280. yvonne

    Oh well last time …what shall i go for .. 1234 . good number that , lol . fingers crossed now .. and well done on a fab game too, really loved playing along xx

  281. Julie

    For my final guess I am going with 923

  282. Julie Temple

    My guess for this, the final day, is 500. This has been fun…GOod luck to everyone~!


  283. Denise

    Today I’m guessing 601. I’m holding my breath until you post my name. heehee!

  284. America

    Oh how fun!!!! Im gonna guess a out 602 because there are so many tiny ones….! That’s the number that popped in my head….LOL. Thanis for the FUN and a big CONGRATS on y9ur 1 year! {)

  285. Ceal

    today I will say 769

  286. Fern

    Hi ,
    Today my guess will be 650! :O)

    Fern xx

  287. Ava

    And 1600 will be my last guess.. If it is still in time! 🙂
    Thanks for the chance.. And I’ll keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow..
    X, Ava

  288. Helen

    386 poppesd into my mind as soon as I saw the pile…
    oooh- I’m psychic!

  289. Jeanie

    my final guess….. 888 beads 🙂

  290. naty

    hola me anoto yo pienso que hay 600
    pelotitas . espero tener suerte chau besos

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