Another Heads-Up

More candy and this one is from my fellow InStyle Stamps DT member and name sharer Kim from Crafts By Kim. (2nd May)

There are a lot of us Kims about! Funnily enough, I had only met one other Kim before I started my blog and now I see that there are thousands of us 🙂

Wahoo for all the Kims 🙂

4 thoughts on “Another Heads-Up”

  1. I said exactly the same the day to my husband (about the Kim’s). I told him that when the wrote the meaning of the word Kim they left off ‘artisitc flare’ or at least trying to have for some of us (me) lol.
    Kim xXx

  2. Thanks for the wonderful shout out Kim! You are the greatest! Good Luck in the drawing! I agree there are MANY of us Kim’s!
    Big Hugs~ Kim

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