London In A White Coat

Well I just had to take some more pictures didn’t I? Whilst walking about London the first thing you notice, other than it being completely white, is that there are lots of people and not so many cars and that everyone is smiling and happy and the atmosphere is almost carnival.

I’ve never had so many random conversations with complete strangers. It was wonderful feeling that community spirit that you otherwise do not see on a normal London day.

I hope you can enjoy your day 🙂

17 thoughts on “London In A White Coat”

  1. Oh wow, lovely pics kim, glad to hear your making the most of the snow, none over here yet (n.ireland)but apparently we’re getting it tomorrow. I think that the snow must have brought a sense of calm with it, unless your one of the unlucky ones stuck in their car lol. Enjoy. Donna x

  2. Fantastic photographs Kim I love them all! It’s just the same here on the south coast and such a rarity for us to have so much snow. We had the same community spirit, everyone out and about, tots on sledges for their first snow, dogs prancing around and snowballs flying everywhere, it was great! My boys went off bum boarding on the South Downs and had a great time. So lovely to see the happy faces I agree. Chris x

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