A PIF And A Sleepless Night.

OK, so will someone tell me why I am wide awake at two in the morning? I went to bed fully intending to do the whole sleep thing, was even asleep for a few minutes, then BAM! I’m awake – so I lie there for a while trying to ignore the fact that I am awake but no good.

Well, as I am here (and probably won’t be in the morning), I have a PIF, or Pass-It-Forward, for you. I was PIF-ed (is that a verb?) by Allison over at Allison’s Crafty Moments. So the idea is that the first three people who comment on this post will get some stamped images from me and then they have to do the same on their blog – offer a PIF that is, not stay awake ’til stupid hours in the morning.

It’s a chain mail with stamped images 🙂

Right, gotta get me some sleep – if anyone could PIF that, I would be very grateful.


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