Kaboodle Doodles Altered Box

Just thought I would blog one of the creations I sent to Andrea at Kaboodle Doodles for the design team call. Particularly as I can’t do any crafting because my stuff is all packed away at the moment 🙁
I needed a new buttons box so thought I would alter a large crispbread tin I had been saving to make into something (I hoard everything, literally everything). So here is the result. I used some wonderful free download papers Andrea has on her site and scanned some buttons then, using Adobe Photoshop Elements, I put together the label with the lined paper from Kaboodle Doodles. So here is the result:



Mmm, might need another buttons box soon, this one is almost full already!

7 thoughts on “Kaboodle Doodles Altered Box”

  1. What a fab job you’ve made of this! I love the green and pink! I’m a buttonoholic so envy your lovely button collection! Great work ;o)

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